Chuyun l would feel this person

July 30 [Tue], 2013, 16:19
Four hundred and eightieth IX Mindanao sound with my campaign right at the end, the second ship in the vehicle fled, instant incurs whip catch up, winding bundled, ice force suddenly shrink, the body snapped off while the third was crushed by vessels, but also spared the fastest one in the back two annihilated fear, the desperate towards Chuyun l where the mushroom forest plunged to the body braving the billowing smoke, dragging the sky, if at any time we should crash explosion generally this time, a meadowfoam clean light from the clouds floating empty intersection beast back sweep, only one hit, the third ship positions mad fleeing vehicle then burst volley, a huge fireball burst from the center rising out of thin air. Chu Yun witnessed all this up, suck down a cold lump, just this road meadowfoam clean light than he had first met Crystal clothing person, I do not know how many times on stronger even if he Xiao Yun Arrow current power, but also far less powerful than the actually predicament "This crystal clothing people who actually? obviously has absolute possession of power, why only now three aircraft shot instant destruction" Chuyun l heart sank, and seems to understand third, stature can not help but half a step backwards, hidden among the blades into large mushrooms. However, his mind vaguely knew that he let off a really, between the hands of the crystal will fall of three aircraft clothes people do not leave it standing in the cold high-altitude, overlooking the frozen earth, seems to be a vision, through all the obstacles, direct Chuyun l lies. This is the fourth dimension locking manner sixth Pitchfork clearly came to be eyeing the feeling Chuyun l first encountered such a situation. "Heaven and Earth re-opening sequence 13,11,19,11,795827 cherry immortal souls, homing" see things wrong, Chu Yun-l is preparing Jitui when the sky came again that road majestic voice, the difference is that this is no longer the overwhelming once resounded fieldwork, but through the fourth dimension, went straight to his mind where Chuyun l shivers, a tone below, I just feel there is suddenly no one seems to close the eyes in nine deep and tragic vicissitudes of the gas, since his chest surging waves of extremely tragic but extremely sad atmosphere to the heart flutter, trance to engulf all of his mind in general, will be dragged into the abyss of his burial "roll" Chu Hun Sen suddenly roared, sixth and seventh root root Pitchfork Pitchfork pavilions, discerning the entire zero-dimensional space has never been so shiny Mingyao over the same time, pure life from zero-dimensional space along the first to five Pitchfork majestic as a mighty force out, flags shook, sweeping limbs, everything trance instantly as one of the net, "trace the origin of the art?" stand in the back of the crystal clouds floating beast who surprised clothing a cry, as if thinking about something, Shen sound channel. "Who are you? How to find me?" Which sounds Chuyun l get rid of the abyss, face cold as ice road, step by step blades, hidden at the moment and then go on just deceiving Bale. "Thirteenth Sakura my people,North Face Apex Bionic Sale, in my name, called thee homing" Crystal Dress human voice is still the supreme majesty, as if heaven and earth eternal repression general dignity. Chu Yun-liter hearts of a condensate, crystal clothing people, related to "cherry", and he only knew one person, who is not himself an opponent, vigilance and said: "You are the emperor North cherry", "cherry preface 95,827, scattered countless years displaced, actually let your souls lost so much I was thirteenth Huang North Sakura Sakura, Huang and the North has not yet awake, awake, and I will make you to have great merit, may be promoted to the end of the 99 North sequence, Outstanding you the power to hoon, I deliberately came to bestow honor you personally reply to your soul bit "Crystal Yi people majesty said. Chuyun l suddenly astonished, Huang Ying, it is not a person in North? However, when his wake over it? Did indeed have this arrangement, but because the other students misfortune, died on the way, is it himself in a zero-dimensional space that occur during that time? "I am not your souls, I think you made a mistake," no matter how progressive source for understanding life, he was very clear this point, but he had another heart faint glimmer of extreme anxiety, which shares the anxiety not only today, is the first time he discovered the alien when he planted, he did not dare do not want to go deep thought, because it made him very ground of fear, from the bottom of the soul at the moment, but was touched, He vaguely knew that the face of the time. "Sakura order 95827, even if your ego learned to" trace the origin "of the surgery, can not cover up the fact that I've judged you wonder why you can not hear my language? Head buried in the sand, can not let you escapism me much time with me immediately homing quell rebellious, together make up our heinous big mistake "Crystal clothing people seems to have a full grasp of air out and said. Chu Yun-liter brow slightly corrugated, and he did not know why, including a woman, including a crystal veil clothes everyone finds his tribe is one of crystal, Is it because he can hear and understand the song "Mourning meteorite"? But clearly the source of his life telling myself,Mahina Leather Outlet, this is how he is not going on? "Who is the reverse?" Chuyun l looked up, he had a Si Ming Wu, some problems can not escape, opening inquired. Crystal clothing people motionless to Pak Mong clean light strafing aircraft wreckage, said: "Everything I know heresy over your past, your mouth alien, that is antagonistic with my homing sequence 99 North promotion, all Heaven rebellious "Then throw it from the air, a radiant small cubes, flying Chuyun l, continued:" This is the origin of your cube, my people,Cheap Christian Louboutin Boots, Chongpi Crystal A, round your great oath, campaign with me now, "Chu Yun-l body shake slightly, have to say, crystal clothing's" Heaven alien "a word, the temptation is enormous to him, suddenly much as a hint of this should not have shaken just because At the moment, as long as he reached out, took the light body, perhaps what really cherry homing sequence, North order, his hatred is Life alien crystal clothing people can also use the power of a family, to all the destruction of the round he played a great oath, but He also felt that this is not just this crystal clothing as people have said, all these years, he was afraid of being cheated, but also afraid of being hurt, everything produced on the extreme distrust and suspicion, and he does not have enough intelligence to analyze other information the truth behind, I'm afraid when their use others to fail, others have actually been utilized and most important, is not these in his eyes, ice family is interracial, interracial family is the fire, and more can a family is, but even In this way, he seems the outset and not alien and crystal clothing people no favor, especially in Shanghai is the time, witnessed how they are killing human beings, even those who died age he does not like the sun Japanese, but also human in his mind, crystal clothing Addict five league than those who are not much better, it is also a disaster are interracial interracial bring all his confused eyes gradually hint silk unwavering gaze, a clear, he has sworn Chuyun l and interracial hatred, which eventually died as a Payouyitian ghosts, he also vow not to interracial hatred lackeys, is his own , to report on the newspaper, not reported here brotherhood has been cut, big deal to leave this piece of right and wrong, Japan, longer. He remembered his father grew up telling myself, man must indomitable spirit, clear vain, conscience, and today he is also so educate his apprentice Yuhan Wu, regardless of the original mind, or a teacher, he will not go ignored Crystal clothing people want to throw great temptation to clear this, which has been a decision Chuyun l mind, take a step back and said: "I'm sorry, I think you are wrong, I do not your tribe" Crystal clothing silent for a , after a moment and said: "Sakura order 95827, you lose too many of your family there stands the great merit Now, I wish to give you a chance homing those who have and you live with each other, although I do not know what your ego still care, But one day, you will think will understand our common love and hate, fight together to earth shattering Remember, no matter when, we wait for you to go home "Then, crystal-like clothing people majesty of clouds slowly floating beast receded, ablation in the vast darkness of chaos, as if there has never been normal, leaving only the frozen land of the burning wreckage. "I am in the end is who?" It disappears, Chuyun l raised his head, looked long endless sky, look confused, but still reveals a hint of Wan invasion would not lose the firm. "Ha Ha Huang North cherry, you seal my numerous years, know my soul source of thick, can escape Aozhi Today" hate hoarse shrill tone, clothing people left in the crystal, the wreckage of the aircraft from the third ship sprang , as brought to light the deafening roar like vent. Chu Yun l looked down, looked coldly, I do not know why, at the moment in mind, this sounds as if aroused his unforgettable hatred, but the source of life in the purest remnants under expulsion, and soon disappeared in the boundless. Wreckage firelight, gradually out of a bloody, but as a fossil like rugged men, extremely pure flame around the whole body, like the fire of the king, is rebirth "Well, I have the fire element into the soul source of repair, only a thin half-step into the source of the first machine door hinge, Huang North Sakura, you just wake up one three soul source Sakura, how can nonetheless got me "That's ashes through the eyes of a man infinite hatred, as if like after Jesus Christ can not erase the pain in general. "You kept saying that the perpetrators of heinous mistake, do we have damned," he flame burning eyes scanned the Chuyun l a, suddenly happy laughed: "Ha ha, boy, although I do not know who taught you so top of the "trace the origin" of the law, but let dignified thirteenth helpless, helpless to see it stuck, Zhenghewoyi, ha, ha a good time, "as if to suppress fire man bath countless years generally have to laugh out of hatred, blood and tears of blood thrown his eyes actually light, just look at him, Chuyun l would feel this person Beihen deep, far longer under their own. "But unfortunately, the human" the I "has long been the town forever sealed pressure, even when the thirteen gathered, can not open nothing which is the secret of eternal kid, you can only catch it themselves" fill yesterday evening there is one more. RO
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