May 14 [Sun], 2006, 17:04
I wrote diary very late.
I became 3 grade of junior high-school.
I'm very busy
I study very hard because there is entrance exam for high school!

I bought iPod last week
I'm very happy!!
But iPod Expensiveness...lol

Spring Break! 

March 30 [Thu], 2006, 17:06
It is Spring Break now! I'm happy
But...There is cram school in Spring Break.
Because I do homework, it is busy.
The homework is very difficult and very many.
Uuuuu...help me!lol

Oh,I'm hungry.
I eat dinner.

There is "byakuyako" tonight! 

March 16 [Thu], 2006, 20:41
Spring Break is coming up soon.
Ah...I want to play a lot in Spring Break.
Oh, but I must study hard because I'm the 3 grade of junior high-school.
Well,I have to watch "byakuyakou" at TV. lol


March 14 [Tue], 2006, 12:30
Today is going to go buy the potion with my friends.
It will be exciting.
People sad "all drink is better than potion!"and"potion is not good!"
But I think potion is good.
But I have not drunk it...

I ate "yakiniku" tonight! 

March 11 [Sat], 2006, 18:41
Today was holiday,too<3
But,there was tennis club activity.
So,I talked with my friends
It was so exciting!
I can't play tennis well
So,I practice tennis hard

I want to sleep... 

March 06 [Mon], 2006, 22:54
There were cram school and change seat today.
Oh...I don't know "sekigae" is "change seat".
Ah...I don't know my English is right.
What I can speak is too few


March 05 [Sun], 2006, 16:31
Today is holiday!
So I'm happy
But tomorrow is school...
I don't like school.I want to go to Asahikawa.
Asahikawa is interesting and there are many friends in Asahikawa
There are a few friends in here...
I'm sad...
But finish junior high school ends a little more.

Well, I have to go do homework.

The first diary 

March 04 [Sat], 2006, 22:28
I start to write diary at English today!
But,I'm not good at English:-(
So I study English hard!

Well,I'll write about me.
I live in Japan.I'm 14 and junior high school.
My hobby is reading,play tennis :-)

I'm looking for penpal.
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