The tonight has no sleep

June 27 [Thu], 2013, 19:32

The night of deep autumn, very quiet very cool also very beautiful, the month of deep autumn, very Gao is very far very bright very charming, at this quietly at the mid-night, I Be not willing to give up to sleep to go, sit on the veranda, hold one cup joss-stick Ming, enjoy this seldom quite and nature, listen nocturnal incoherent talk, tonight have no sleep, put to fly thoughts and feelings, weave asics for women that Yi quiet but sweet of the dream of shallow purple color.

The night sings low to lightly sing, the autumnal winds is used a her gentle and soft hand and dauted each inch skin of the earth, the cricket plays the piano under the tree, the small tree twists she is that charmingly feminine body, under the street lamp only dance.I hope the figure of small tree to appear lost in thought, her charmingly feminine body Zi, flutter under the street lamp, slowly, became a phrase, a sentence poem …… I think:Is that my thoughts and feelings is got drunk, inebriates at such as poem of at the mid-night.

Got drunk thoughts and feelings, the cheap nike free run 5.0 beginning wears a line at the mid-night, slightly, softly, once floated treetop, once floated valley, float bright last month.I met a Charng-er, she was dressed in moonlight similar light yarn, the green silk is like Pu, embrace her beloved moon, take a walk in the palace of the moon.The palace of the moon is very beautiful, the flower petal spreads of path, the crystal carves of house, I devouringly peep this beautiful fairyland, but carelessly crash into Charng-er's elder sister's look in the eyes and fill up to be fond of Mang, sadness, I have a little shocked, how will the Charng-er be also melancholy?My desire turns round, and then hears sighing of her light tone, I am more shocked, does the Charng-er also have worry?Way Charng-er reads to understand my question, :"Resent, the palace of the moon nike free run is too desolate, pretty woman similar six desires for also having seven feelingses, regrets, steal to eat to work properly a medicine, sigh, get lonely whole life, " then turns round to leave.Suddenly, a chicken blares, my thoughts and feelings falls reality from the moon.

The clock Di tick Ta, there is knocking of rhythm time, a penny, slip away, imperceptibly, night, have been deep.Some cool ideas, but I all didn't sleep an idea.I think:Again come one cup hot tea, tomorrow is a weekend, anyway need not rise early and have no for a long time thus the mood enjoys thus of Be getting more quite, let the always vexed and disorderly thoughts and feelings accept nocturnal baptism.Start, I am straight-tempered to start to cover with jacket, give I again Qi ascend one cup hot tea, from poqemko1314 and then return to veranda to go, see the stars blink eyes, think moon of lonely, clean up the state of mind in this autumn.Look beyond far mountain, the mountain ambiguously rises and falls, the moonlight is like water, under all night view of scenery all the dim moonlight became poetry.Is thin to sample tea's flavor joss-stick, enjoy quietly, enjoy a night of quiet Mi.Is quiet to the night skies, allow thoughts and feelings to roam about at pleasure, make up the dream of those shallow purple colors, clean up those navy-blue melancholy, I want to let tonight's night and wash go to I annoyance this autumn.

Under street lamp, allow much more small insect sons to all get my gathering, they seem to be opening a grand dancing party, there is elegant musical sound, there is charmingly feminine dance Zi, there is full of silently conveyed tenderness look in the eyes, silently whisper, there is also continuing sweet prattle …… the street lamp is night's warmest color, warmth wears nocturnal heart, also warmth wear my heart, the in the mind suddenly feels matchless quite.I am just thinking:At this quiet at the mid-night, in this time, whether also have a person, be like me, quiet to night sky?If have?He and then is just thinking what?Get homesick?Miss to love?…… Or be like me?Tidy up skein of sorrow for one autumn?Or what didn't think.

In fine threads cool intention I inherit, night, more deep, the ear is between ringing out a husband to sleep to ex-ly give repeated advice to:"Breakfast rest, don't be too late, notice body!"Spread a husband even stertor in house.Miss embracing of husband warmth so much suddenly, miss husband gentleness in the arm wrist so much.I start to tidy up thoughts and feelings and close good doors and windows and hurriedly drill into bedding, the husband women asics is come to by my ice-cold body Rao, and then put blame on and is a heartache:"Silly wench arrived veranda to blow breeze to go to again?Be really of, see you being like ice ……"

I sweetly give the husband one mysterious silly smile, drill into his arm curved inside ……

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