Lai Changhai this is the capsize cloacae

October 26 [Fri], 2012, 17:40
Traincollector HTML simple template model , relationresultTags: title , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: time , relationresultThe parents looked at each other ,and they whispered to consult ,finally, nodded ,before money, they bow to the society is such, money talks, bullshit walks ,rich ,no hatred ,no ,eight hundred thousand ,a human life ,the price is very high ,Ye Shaofeng watching two elderly finally nodded ,they are also practical ,this thing ,it is pressed down ,though ,rides in eight hundred thousand ,however ,with Niu hall monthly net profit ,be in eight hundred thousand above ,this amount of money, for poor people, can live for a lifetime, but ,for Ye Shaofeng, that is a flow and then have a look that ,Ye Shaofeng mother ,the mother suddenly wary ,innocent face poor at maple leaf maple leaves less less said :your home is not easy, however ,your son impulse to kill, the sin ,not just cancel once for all this ,for a while ,aSxW take you to see your son ,or your son put everything away ,if your son is really repentant ,the aSxW government ,will give an opportunity to thank thank leaves turn over ,director ,thank leaves Director don TSE ,your son can survive ,must look at the performance of said Ye Shaofeng the murderer with leaf Shaofeng ,and his mother ,as well as the parents ,went to the victim ,the talk, just in the Public Security Bureau in the interrogation room, mother to say ,the little child in his manager front kneel down ,then cry and shed bitter tears ,too late to regret really sincere ,like this not filled out ,Ye Shaofeng look quite know that heart ,the murderer ,know that they made a mistake at that time Canada Goose Livigno Parka,Ye Shaofeng found the victim parents ,said :the child is not easy, since you are private ,aSxW want ,you don hate ,murder ,this mistake ,must fill ,but there is no economic strength can compensate you, therefore ,if you please, call the boy go to your house to labor ,with slaves ,anyway, your son with you in the family ,if the boy is not tractable ,or run away ,you make a phone call ,the aSxW security personnel to ,catch, direct in situ shot ,this year, want from aSxW Ye Shaofeng eye leather sole Escape ,was to have several people leaves director ,you said ,let this asshole to aSxW people as slaves ?For ,when slaves ,like how to use how to use ,this kid life ,is your parents ,let you when the cattle and horses ,however ,the premise is ,do not kill ,kill ,you have not said Ye Shaofeng line, aSxW aSxW agreed to do so ,the old man and the old woman agreed to at this time, the murderer mother is not happy ,said :No, let aSxW son to their slaves ,the aSxW son also not subject to a lifetime of sin ?Well, it directly to your son killed ,your son will not suffer the old lady ,aSxW is to look at your poor, just leave your son a dog life to dead house compensation ,compensation is aSxW out of his own pocket ,you don a penny ,will be compensation for the life you son to death without suffering ,but not free ,kill it is much industry don want your son to pay ?That your son to live ,not live down your son murdered daughters ,lets go to the old two as cattle and horses do not ,rest assured ,our government will send you aSxW month son salary ,then ,is to leave a part of living expenses Northface Women's Down Sale,the rest ,but give you less talk endowment leaf maple when it comes to this ,the old lady is agreed with Ye Shaofeng walked over, staring at the murderer, said :just aSxW.
You hear heard ,aSxW promise ,aSxW agreed to do so . Not you agree or disagree with it ,aSxW didn you any advice ,aSxW talk, you must obey you remember Canada Goose Snow Mantra,you this life ,has already been lawfully executed, now ,you are the people a dog ,a pig ,a head of cattle ,to serve people ,with the family pension winter ,know to tell you ,good death is better than living ,leaving you a life, give aSxW a good man, a good pay Ye Shaofeng said although Ye Shaofeng speaks very hurtful, however ,trauma is warm ,is the heart of Ye Shaofeng to do so ,let the heart ,all can accept everything ,seem to be to the satisfaction of all ,end satisfactorily but ,leaf Shaofeng wrong ,and Completely mistaken ,this is a small thing ,and slowly evolved into a big thing, thought this thing has been healed ,but ,unexpectedly, this has become a big fuse ignition start things happened in three days after Ye Shaofeng had to go to work, receiving the first message is good news ,the that is ,the public Security Bureau Director Lai Changhai is suspended those who framed Ye Shaofeng for adverse events in the media fully exposed ,and full of speculation, caused tremendous echo ,media opened a thing ,is that anyone can not help ,Yun Zhonghe appear not, of course ,didn want to cover the Lai Changhai Yun Zhonghe is Yun Zhonghe a running dog the dog ,now ,into the mire ,Yun Zhonghe no need to a dog to death ,also regardless of comfort to mire jumping.
So ,Lai Changhai was suspended after, no one stand up for talk, even a beginning and a still mind a boat party to maltreat an injured person retraction ,such cadres ,need to severely punish party down has spoken, discipline appoint not idle UGG Liberty Outlet,Lai Changhai this is the capsize cloacae ,against a also leaves the Shaofeng ,snake charmer snake bite ,stealing chickens No corrosion to rice was originally framed leaf Shaofeng ,however ,Ye Shaofeng was the media now spearhead aimed Lai Changhai UGG Bailey Bow Boots,no one dare to replace Lai Changhai to say one more word ,a word ,that is to become Lai Changhai wings ,even often also a son ,Larry Takefu, these days particularly practical ,not a head Lai Changhai ,eternal hate ,anti-corruption bureau ,appoint ,each related department leaders are beginning to check ,this guy ,is not clean ,a check out many charge ,now ,still imprisoned in the provincial capital ,provincial capital of none of the above allows ,can half a step ,not let this boy in Lai Changhai completely down ,Ye Shaofeng was picked off ,is life .
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