MR11 bulbs can be used in your low voltage lighting design

August 02 [Wed], 2017, 17:42
MR11 bulbs can be used in your low voltage lighting design. These lamps have a multifaceted reflector, which is basically a pressed glass reflector. The interior parts of these bulbs are reflective and are made up of facets and a reflective coating. The facets provide a source of optical control since they have the ability to gather the light to form a single concentrated light beam. Some MR11 lamps have a smooth interior without the facets, but are still categorized as MR bulbs. Residents should always find a quality retailer of MR11 bulbs before making their final purchase.

A single-ended quartz halogen filament capsule operates MR11 lamps. These bulbs are 11/8" (1.38") in diameter and have a 2-pin base, along with low voltage capabilities. The size of the lamp is an important thing to consider before you start on your lighting design. Other lamps besides the MR11 come in different sizes. The 16 style for example is 16 eighths of an inch or 2 inches in diameter. The 8 version is 1 inch or 2.5 centimeters in length.

The 11-style bulb is perfect for your low voltage lighting theme. These bulbs typically use less than 120 volts, and most only need 12 volts to operate effectively. Some can even function at 6 volts, while others may require 24 volts depending upon your selection. Residents should always purchase a transformer with their MR11 bulb to reduce the line voltage for the lamp. Improvements in technology have brought about a different kind of 11style bulb that has an integrated transformer built into the device. Using a commercial style dimmer can dim these fixtures.