naughty, get your clothes is broken, brother complained

November 14 [Wed], 2012, 11:23
Battle is not calm, grandpa grandma come over, saw that we were all in tears, don't ask, then call to accounNike New England Patriotst brother isn't bully me, I like met savior, hurriedly to the wicked at first, the more the more sad to cry, and said brother rob my cane hill, also hurt my hand, grandma walked through to go to and then gave brother a slap on the cheek and said he was white self two years old, mind didn't I'm smart, do not know how to take care of his brother. Grandma in the comfort, I just let the tears stop. After having had dinner, my grandma that we brothers to take off his dirty clothes change, found that brother's clothes shoulders have a cut, blame brother naughty, get your clothes is broken, brother complained, is the AZong with the sword. I loCheap Nike Griffin III 10 wered my first class to be punished, I can see that, at that time, my grandma is very surprised. I put on a pair of poor the neat appearance say: "grandma, I accidentally cut to his, I didn't mean it." Grandma also didn't pursue, this matter also without, when, I in the heart gloat, dare to and I steal things, see who rob too who, see you later still grab not to rob, malignant is from this time begins sprout! Childhood like dream, time like songs. Time in the fingers quietly slip off. Turn Cheap Mens Indianapolis Colts an eye, my brother and I will enter high school, the elder brother reading later than me, though I two years old, is my classmate. We have had some friction, also had happy, at home, elder brother is my target, outer, elder brother is my protection object, only I bullied him, not allow others to oppress him, so, the elder brother also often pay for these touched.
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