Wow Tips- 3 Wow Strategies That Work Every Time 

November 13 [Fri], 2009, 16:29
Let's face it, Wow tips are a dime a dozen in World Of Warcraft forums. Unfortunately, many of these suggestions are offered by players who have little or no real game experience. This article will reveal successful Wow strategies that have withstood the test of time, and have been implemented by many gold

Strategy 1) Perform as many quests as you can, all at the same time. Quests must never be performed one at a time. When players enter a new map region,they must proceed to the main town RuneScape gold. After that, talk with all the NPC's, obtain all the quests, then they can continue to explore. It is a point of fact that some quests are a waste of time.They often make you spend an hour or more running back and forth from different people. It is often in your best interest to quit quests and select other ones. Your time is too valuable to spend on useless wow gold for sale.

Strategy 2) Make sure you use groups properly.This is one of my favorite Wow tips. Grouping can really speed up your power game, but execute it only when you have to. About a quarter of quests are group quests, and to try to do them yourself is a big time waster The exception would be if you wait until you are a few levels higher. At that point, the quest becomes green. For the balance of the quests, you can go it alone. Be aware of these stipulations, though. Many groups are cheap wow gold.
A group that messes around or continues to die trying to finish a quest will bog you down. You are in a better situation going it alone in this case. If you are a Shaman, or a Paladin, or have a fast method of self healing and mele both, you should probably spend most of your time soloing.
Warriors and other types that mele well are better off in groups because they can't heal. Also, priests and mages are better suited to groups because they lack armor function. Groups can be beneficial, but they must work buy wow gold.

Strategy 3) This is one of the Wow tips I give the most often: Honor Kills; stay away from raid groups just for honor points. You will gain almost nothing. Solo or a normal party is a better choice for getting the most contribution points. Being in a RAID will decrease contribution points down to the barest minimum for each aion kinah.

I hope you received benefit from these 3 proven Wow strategies. I know that when I first started playing, I would have appreciated helpful Wow tips.Eve isk
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