Sunglasses is dazzling feeling

April 29 [Mon], 2013, 0:27
In your mind, oakley sunglasses cheap important form it? It is the lens to look at things, or blocking the sun side "firewall", or with a variety of costumes in our closet universal treasure? Today, we have to admit - glasses not only so that we can more clearly see the world tool, but also a sign of a fashion culture. Now, maybe we spend more effort election glasses, maybe red is wearing glasses.
Color glasses is dazzling
Colorful framework of the aerial, changing characteristics not only on the frame, lenses have begun to try a lot of new colors, such as pink, dark green and the like. Of course, the color is mainly concentrated in sunglasses, glasses lens also relate to this, but the color of the frame a lot, and is particularly popular with two colors. Such as red and black, black and white, blue and green, and so on, are particularly severe conflict colors to mix and match with different results.
With Story: This colorful glasses, very popular with girls. And clothing with many variations, in addition to professional dress and elegant evening wear, almost anything. If you can not accept, you can also choose a relatively "conservative" colors, such as leopard, is also very popular this year, there is a wild beauty. As for the two colors mix and match glasses, but also more suitable for young men, wearing them feel full of personality.
2, pretending to be cool glasses
The size of this aviator style glasses lens can cover the more than half face. Although the original intention of this design in order to fly a plane when the wind, but now, let's face half hiding in oakley outlet glasses, is already one of the tactics of pretending to be cool, but also can cover up dark circles night without sleep. Is easy to see from a major brand new, large glasses or designer in mind No.1.
With the Moon: style, this type of glasses tends to be tough, more suitable for boys or handsome and lively girl. Clothing with simple, capable is the key, the jacket, you can wear taste with a high waist with a chic trench coat. In short, if you want to shape the image of a tough, decisive modern fashionable woman, the selection of this style must be true.
3 different faces with different sunglasses
Sunglasses avant-garde and fashionable style in the increasingly hot summer, of course cute, but the choice of sunglasses have merit and take to purchase appropriate style according to their face and features, or not beautify destroyed eyes more harm than good.
Round face suitable framework thicker lens color colder, darker glasses, "tightening" face visual effects. Yan had yellow, red lens or frame soft lines and delicate sunglasses, will face off even more.
Small face, who wears a thin frame or frameless fake ray bans glasses, select the lens color of light blue, purple, light brown, will have unexpected results.
Face a longer, up and down a wide round or curved mirror, mirror a little rough legs in order to weaken the sense of slender long face. Slender face is generally more skinny, feminine pink or wine red lenses, can increase the brightness of faces.
Square face should be selected up and down the narrow framework of the four corners was a small rounded sunglasses, too big and too square frame will only make the face appear more square lens color better athletic brown.
Triangular face suitable choice of lens color is lighter, smaller metal frame or frameless glasses, in order to weaken the weight at the top of the face, so as to prevent the already wide face more sense of expansion.
On the small amount of the chin slightly wider face should be used in the frame coarse, darker, slightly wider horizontal width of the glasses to adjust the ratio of the upper and lower, giving visual sense of feeling awkward.
4 the creative metal frame in tangible
Glasses trend in recent years, although the metal frame are relatively rare, but today, the metal-frame glasses will be popular, the reason is very simple, "titanium" popular, led the titanium framework sought after, another trend is mixed metal and plastic raw materials. In addition, neutral design will continue to be popular.
In the metal-frame eyeglasses, most people feel different from previous years is the design of the border. No longer just remain unchanged for hundreds of years rimless, half-frame and full-frame, glasses frame this year will be very creative to get rid of the traditional straight lines, into a beautiful arc, embedded in the inside of the lens, light and full of flexible, stylish and full of flavor.
With Story: The metal frame is characterized by: it allows the wearer is very delicate, with clothing also relatively easy. Chic frame design jumped out of the traditional metal frame ray ban outlet glasses bookish, adding a lot of stylish atmosphere. Both dressed younger general trend of people, but also showed the elegance and gentle temperament, very practical.
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