The floor enterprise terminal construction controls urgently needed must strengthen the tube principle the fine refinement

April 15 [Tue], 2014, 9:38
The floor enterprise terminal construction controls urgently needed must strengthen the tube principle the fine refinement
At present, although is mature gradually along with the floor profession's development, but the floor profession also has many imperfect places, for example terminal tube principle aspect. The floor enterprises more and more heavy regard the terminal sale, to raised computer floors a great extent also pressed the result which the terminal construction and the tube principle labor did.
, The floor profession's homogenization day by day is now serious, the extensive -like management is in vogue, in this case the enterprise wants to take the fine refinement management route, the terminal construction from however cannot neglect. Sells the terminal to have regarding the floor enterprise multiple wants? Some profession public figure when talks about the terminal, will always emphasize the terminal through each kind of analogy the importance.
  Some people believed that "Sun Zi Bingfa" on says the commander meets “dies lives the place” when should compete with all one's strength, but the terminal is the floor enterprise “dies lives the place”; Also some people believed that the terminal is just like in the soccer “to be in front of the goal a foot”, was short this foot, the team superiority greatly has been again also unable to win the competition. Therefore, terminal this marketing “the last kilometer” does not give the strength, the enterprise does well the product also is very again difficult to win the market.
 Thus it can be seen, after the floor enterprise could not only raised computer floor be the production, delivered goods, on incident it, the enterprise not only could not relax slightly regarding the terminal management and the control, moreover should also further strengthen.
If the floor enterprise wants to strengthen the terminal construction, cultivates besides the regular terminal teaches, the enterprise should also consider which short boards has from the body in the product or in the clothing service, because these short boards will cause the floor product to suppose the idea, the packing, the camp sell, post-sale and so on aspects cannot promote the product effectively the value added that such product will be in the inferiority in the homogenization competition and causes advantage Run to slide, under the reasonable advantage Run non-method guarantee's sentiment situation, will not doubt the multiplying dealer to take substandard products as fine products and so on improper behavior.
  Therefore, so-called “the labor wants the friendly its matter, must benefit first its”, the terminal construction cannot leave the high quality novel product and the standard thorough service support; Moreover, the floor enterprise must complete the shop front to install the idea, the terminal hardly installs the idea, the end product manufacture, the terminal softly leads buys and so on aspect work; Finally, regarding terminal aspect's some suggestions and the feedback opinion, the floor enterprise should also listen to the acceptance, encourages them to state opinion for the enterprise management and operation offers advice, promotes to sell the terminal together the construction and the enhancement.
  Now very many professions are popular a slogan to call to make a connection with “the last kilometer”, lets the floor enterprise's sale open access. The floor enterprise should get rid of extensive -like gradually the development, the static under heart computer room raised floor comes to enterprise's aspects and so on terminal to carry on the reorganization, only then manages fine, vigorously promotes the detail, can win the small space in the current floor market.