Sun that jail is not the ordinary the way the press dunshou "Dove"

November 26 [Tue], 2013, 16:00
According to the staff of the detention unit introduced, solutions of arrested persons must pass reception reception center located in the South side. According to the detention process, solution delivery time is from 9 o'clock in the morning were caught. Sun News affects millions of people concerned about the eyes, according to the regulations, as long as of yesterday morning, Sun will be able to choose any time for procedures related to freedom. Together with Gao Xiaosong left the detention facility early this morning before the cautionary tale, yesterday morning, numerous journalists waiting in front of the facility in Hangzhou City all night, waiting for the Sun Yangzhong free witnessed what happens when. But wait one night, did not see any person or vehicle from out the arrested personnel entrance in and out. nike blazer low womens At about 10 o'clock in the morning, the detention unit Deputy Director confirmed, Sun has quietly left. Iron in behind "than clunk" a sound shut, a staff held with with solutions netted procedures of kraft paper bags, station in detention door not known the to where to, suddenly saw family on station in road opposite, quickly on to, family distressed to said: "for a long time missing, you thin has......" this a scene I'm afraid only applies Yu detention expires release of ordinary people. World Championships Sun Yang regardless of where you go, pomp and must have been extraordinary, even to bid farewell to live for an entire week of detention in Hangzhou City. More than 30 journalists dunshou accepted at the reception centres, result was keep him under cover of two vehicles, smooth from nose "slanting". It makes people avoid heart puzzle: always tried "special treatment" of the Sun, after the offended so many people really be this lesson and become mature?

Under the elaborate, Sun up completely protected, outsiders have no way of knowing he is in the middle of nowhere. According to "fire the coach," Zhang Ya Dong, "said Sun Yang in the morning had left the detention facility, is a college to pick up. I was supposed to go to, but did not go, because the media all know me. "Zhang Ya Dong, Sun the mystery out of detention, who was to be prepared. "He never came home, did not come home, we have other plans, just in case of harassment. "After Sun adjustment arrangements, said Zhang Ya Dong rhythm arrangement will work. "We have arrangements, but not announced, want the outside world to give us a quiet environment to handle all the things, including giving him a thought of adjusting, think. "Liu Xiang and Yao Ming after the fade out, Sun almost reacts as the Chinese men's competitive sports banner. Last year, the United States forecast the leading swimming magazine, swimming world, Sun reached 114 million yuan in advertising revenue in 2013. However, in fact, Sun's revenues were a far cry from the. Because of negative news, breaking earlier and mentor, now driving without a license and endorsement earnings potential will be seriously affected. In addition, Beijing Hyundai Motor has made it clear that in the future will no longer renew the Sun.

Sun is not come out from the door like everybody else, but was picked up by HKSI's car entered the detention facility, which makes some journalists find it difficult to accept, and many people questioned: "said Sun driving without a license is a privilege until now from the inside out, and unlike others, can ride out from the inside, is this not a privilege? "In this regard,womens nike blazer high the person replied to ordinary detention punishment of detention, and from the main entrance of the detention unit should be entered, out of the side, but the circumstances of the crime more serious or police roll calls to the taking of, or relevant departments to get approval of detention the detainee, is accessible from the front door, detention centres before there is such a precedent in Hangzhou City.
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