Cheese Cake 

2010年08月29日(日) 20時22分
I cooked cheese cake this afternoon

I forgot to add sugar to it

I managed to meke up for it

It tasted good to tell the truth soso

flowar arrangeament NO.5 

2010年08月28日(土) 11時45分
leaves of Iris japonica (leaves of syaga)

a party with members of high school 

2010年08月15日(日) 12時22分
We had a party with members of high school in yanagawa last night

I met almost all of them for the first time since we graduated high school.
(It's been ages since we graduated school)

I had a good time

It's good to have seen them

night ferris wheel 

2010年08月13日(金) 21時51分
I've read 'Night Ferris Wheel' written by Kanae Minato.

She is a writer of Kokuhaku, became a movie recently

I like mystery

'Night Ferris Wheel' is less interesting than I've expected

I don't like the end


2010年08月12日(木) 22時07分

I'm going to go to bed.

I feel it's a bit early,

who cares?

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