kulon x wonderland 

March 21 [Tue], 2006, 11:36
my work on the outfits the last days went pretty well!
i like my WONDERLAND outfit, it'll be nice.
and i got the right tights <3

i need new fabric, though, because i don't like the way the black top turned out. the pattern is okay so far, but the fabric is too thick and it won't fall the way i want it to fall! u__u.

today i worked at stuff for KULON
yo, finally. :3 that'll be the gauntlet.


February 11 [Sat], 2006, 10:39
well, i'm so looking forward to my visit in America atm~
cause i bet i can go shopping like mad there.
and yea, i'll have time to do
KULON. speaking of KULON,
i found two wonderful persons who will cosplay with me~!
Naoo and Mia, as Nao and Tora.
i'm so so glad~ ;-; they're so beautiful and very cute.
we have even found a good solution for doing the pattern of the KULON-fabric by ourselves~
p.a.i.n.t.i.n.g. - still, it will be expensive, i guess. but those outfits are so sexy,
we have to do it!! :3
really hope we can cos together, otherwise my heart
will be broken forever, okay . :/

picture is showing my
Gin no Tsuki Kuroi Hoshi outfit.. noticed everytime
something doesn't work the right way. ;o;



February 09 [Thu], 2006, 0:03
XD ... lol.

well, good news for me.. i don't have to finish my cosplay that fast,
because my aunt has a sewing machine.
(explanation: in a few days i'll go from Germany to the US for 5 months, so i thought i cannot finish my stuff)

btw, i'm a poser noob (- o-); lol.


January 30 [Mon], 2006, 23:14
i only have.. let's say.. half a month to finish my
but, it's missing:
- the top-thingie (gold)
- the other top-thingie (with pattern on it)
- the kimono-thingie (with butterfly on it)

ya, great.
stessed. i need material. m a t e r i a l.


January 24 [Tue], 2006, 3:21
uo, i'm so bored right now.
my butterfl-eye is kinda broken, i noticed..
the next time it will be more violett..
i bought this thin material, hope it will stick better on skin.


January 23 [Mon], 2006, 9:27
that's an older photo.. when will i hold a photoshooting with other people (like a cosgroup )? ;o;
taking pictures of only yourself is really boring after a while.

then, i'm wondering where i could find such a fabric?
maybe i've to paint it on plain white material. again..
i need good pictures for making the right pattern.

*goes to bed now* ._.;

百合は蒼く咲いて costume 

January 14 [Sat], 2006, 0:10
now, since i have blonde hair again - and this time it's the perfect color (° .°); - i have to take pictures of my already done cosplays again.
it's 百合は蒼く咲いて. (;o;)

and oh, those thingies here are so cool: & etc. ... lol. ^o^;

first entry 

January 08 [Sun], 2006, 7:22
so, well.. it's my first entry here. (` .´); i'm confused..
started it to report my cosplay-things. and ah, how i wish i could write this in japanese. (;o;)
... good, ... it's a test:

fabric. (* -*); but the combination kills me, honestly.
well, then!
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