then put in the governor to see autumn

October 22 [Mon], 2012, 10:23
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Flesh and blood !Love is for continuously the rip roar bamboo too transparent ,Cao star t praise her wisdom ,or that the child too extreme .A balance of yin and Yang ,agree to natural science .
Young woman widowed ,was not easy .At the beginning of Yu shook his head ,said: even if the girl sake for autumn ,mention this autumn ,but never nod .Although Niu Niu is not her birth ,but her hands up .
Even to remarry air max 90,also always have to wait until her marriage agreed after although say this episode ,but she and Al marriage is finally on the table .Niu Niu did not say objections ,just wanted to ask alone al words .
At the beginning of autumn Yu and pity although some fox confusion ,but nonetheless agreed to her request ,in the main rooms within the study ,arrangement and Al talking girl .Although all know ,after all the men and women ,the total not put two of them alone in a room in the study room ,yoga and meditation at the beginning of autumn .
Listen . Al some silly ,after all, before that ,he was with God bless them, called her aunt to even know ,mother like her ,that is to say ,mother ,not a rank ,and the flag people marriage law in the .
In her eyes ,al though older than her, but she is too childish, some frustration, but also know that people in her kiss on acquaintance ,to her .She thought for a moment, looked up and said: your brother set ,the next brother and sister-in-law there will give you that pro ,really want to marry a what kind of wife ,Chi brothers heart ever have ?.
Al some feel shy ,in the Governor-General the two day, he also detect elders concern ,can not think of by one than his age is also small girl to tell myself this topic .But she put the shelf elders face tightly ,but is not significant .
Aunt al heart although feel strange, still flushed red, rose, replied : as long as the uncle ,aunt selected ,since is right I here ,but nothing to choose , if it is supernatural ,better ,or too weak, afraid of housework it is difficult to load is not his fault ,but a few days ago to see the future sister-in-law heart worry ,say this sentence .
Although do not see the text of expression, can be listened to him speak, show the simple nature ,yoga and flow at the beginning of autumn two in the back room listening to the face ,with a smile .
Niu Niu was just pulling a prologue ,did not think of al so honest should .She also some feel shy ,mild cough ,and said: just sit down to talk UGG Desoto. Al even foolish ,but also detect wrong to .
He looked up at her with her line of sight ,touch a .Niu Niu is busy side head ,cheeks was dyed crimson ,al though the Cao house met Niu Niu several times ,but I just say hello to them ,where she was daughter states when, from the side .
She clutched the cup ,just feel because of palms were sweating ,gave the records .Bibliography of the busy move my eyes . Aunt .Two words that came to her lips ,and ate it, and then couldn snuck a peek at her .
Niu Niu felt that the shifty-eyed really hateful, want to leave immediately .It is not to achieve its goal ,then no longer wordy ,pures colors: if that and you act as a matchmaker girl ,her life without concubinage ,what do you see ? She asked seriously .
Bibliography of the bowed his head in thought, said: life is too long ,what want .The ugly wife ,also not let people take a concubine, the husband would be miserable about the answer ,it is real .
She picked the eyebrow ,also knowing is satisfactory ,still not satisfied, end tea: is my eventful, wordy sentences ,please don of Al watching her ,only thought that she no longer has dignity ,but some children with adult form .
Is no point ,go away .At the beginning of autumn Yu and pity in the room to hear the sentence may not be concubinage ,not by being at a loss what to do .This time, she has already walked into the back room .
I fall to pull her to hang and sat down, reproachfully : you this child ,but whats dare say ,are not afraid of falling is jealous of infamy ! At the beginning of Yu at Niuniu ,but some relief .
If is the female lamb heart will have such idea, but dare to talk to export .How many people UGGs Classic Metallic Boots?Niu Niu is holding the flow autumn arm ,said: daughter is only whether notoriety not notoriety, how to live is life, why stay ?The daughter and not to expect others to feed ,it is to find a suitable, can live how? Can also learn to others ,and commander ,made into a ball is good ?Luo Gugu and aunt is never married ,we have a free flow of autumn know daughter read more than high ,vision of woman ,sad Mommy ,didn so pampered daughter exactly right .
At the beginning of Yu to Al just back, since he is no exaggeration ,perjury ,smiled and nodded her head ,said: I only speak of ugly .No concubinage tragic ;if it got pretty bride ,even be most willing to not concubinage .
There is little girl ,being teased a sentence ,where also sit still ,going first Yu wrinkles her nose ,said: this is the boast of her voice, who had been hiding out the .Leave early Yu and flow autumn two ,smile into each other for three days, God bless people with Cao respectfully escorted quite the marigold Festival, together with the annals of beijing .
Bibliography of the mood is very good, no matter what he is ,grin ,with a flash of white teeth .God bless this ,straight eye-rolling ,will after root bite creak straight ring .This paper will understand his thinking ,who let myself if what .
Is that what ha ha Wen Zhi thinking ,he couldn help laughing .Day knot him foolish, cold face : you don proud of, that it is still up in the air .Little aunt is Mr. Qian close disciples ,educated ,not ordinary men can match .
Angry, even brother call in .This paper will not take it seriously ,put his arms about day knot of the shoulder, a face with smile: I love everyone ,see flowers bloom Wei Erye ,certainly not ordinary men !I don mind cream .
Who will force you to call uncle as well? Uncle aunt there at the top, only on the . Day imitating him break his own mind, only to feel awkward .In fact ,whether the records or others ,or whether ,as long as it is having on parental object ,God will see not pleasing to the eye .
The Niu Niu name is aunt the Cao house many small long sister .Thinking of her on the Pro is preparing to marry, everyone was upset .If not before death, left side, have come up with several ways ,to Al by .
Although the past ,we have a friendship ,but he grew up with her ,naturally divided the far and near a few days later, day assessment and Al to the capital .By Butler Cao Yuan took ,God bless the Governor-General prepared Wanshou Festival ceremony to the rites ;the annals is directly home, with hung Niang said Mancheng to make things, then put in the governor to see autumn mother-daughter thing .
The mother heard is the beginning of Yu personally to Mancheng underneath ,gratitude ;see mentioned pity and in autumn ,to hear the strange ,not by looking at the records .Al was up : aunt ,plain girl in November and one son ,Cao with post here, ask aunt and sister in the past plain girl and gift .
The mother took the post .His face has been exposed as joy ,nodded: good , Tongzhou ,pier .Although to winter ,can dock remained a lot of ships .In which .There is a government boat ,noon went into dock ,but saw no one .
Until late in the evening, on the wharf drifted away ,only the garrison Dingfu ,carrying a lantern with death ,patrol .At this time, the ship alongside the ship ,then opened the cabin ,Hula flowed across dozens of waist knife soldiers .
The garrison several Ding Fuhu jumped with great care ,near the two step, want to ask where is the person .As early as in mending officials to come over ,holding the hands of a brand, said: Ministry of punishments to escort the leaked confidential ,make ,die ! Dark eyes ,who can see the official hand sign as it is, this person dressed is mending ,along with all officers and soldiers ,who dare nothing ,will be a yes-man to back away .
But curious ,even back ,still looking at the official ship there, thought it wanted be somebody, let these people so careful .Little temporarily, from the ship out of a man ,slowly across the deck ,walked to the shore .
Although separated by far ,but the squelch iron chain mopping voice ,but clearly audible .Getting dark ,solid do not feel that person just look at stature is very high .He is walking slowly ,then sent his officials and soldiers, but no press, only quietly surrounded by him in the middle, drifting further and further away ,away from the pier .
.. ... In Qingyuan ,governor ,Yin hotel .Ten brother sat cross-legged on the Kang ,carrying Jiuzhong UGG Desoto Clearance Sale,a drink ,then Jiuzhong downward ,see sitting across from Cao Star : happy point ,dry ! Cao Supper was ten only to come ,but was caught drink .
He turned to drink wine ,only to feel very spicy ,carefully goods goods ,this wine is not the palace kitchen used white lotus and wine ,but outside the common worrior .Cao Yi looked at Jiuzhong ,not by frown ,heart is grieved .
Ten brother, seeing him so ,snorts, said: t blind ponder ,nobody said God is God ,love this one ! Cao Yi is laughing, mellow wine ,but in ten the elder brother nature .Ten elder brother because his already self-sufficient filled with wine ,this time, drink two cup .
Cao Yi see, all my doubts ,do not know well ,ten elder brother remembered drink .Although it was not isolated from the outside news ,may ten brother send a message ,only Cao Jia couple .
Capital today although some changes ,can not only with ten related things .Ten brother was leaving the Jiuzhong .From the inside of the sleeve and pulled out a booklet ,pushed to the
front of Cao Ke ,said: Wanshou Festival is approaching, it is the father to Yong Zheng the new king of Shu Wen , ,such as for his funeral, please put 6 hearts ,chapters more Womens Timberland 8 Inch Boots,support
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