David Beckham's Louis Vuitton Actualization Is Pleasant Surprise

June 28 [Fri], 2013, 13:16
What has David Beckham been accomplishing with all his chargeless Louis Vuitton Key Pouch time now that he's retired from soccer?

Ramping up his actualization apple domination, of course. The hunky athlete-turned-amateur-model fabricated an abrupt actualization at the Louis Vuitton menswear appearance in Paris, a actuality Louis Vuitton Coin Pouch we aboriginal abstruse from tweets like this: "David Beckham is sitting foreground row at the @LouisVuitton menswear show. Will @victoriabeckham be abutting him????"

Victoria was a no-show, but David was there foreground and center, Louis Vuitton Scarves even assuming with Louis Vuitton artist Marc Jacobs afore the appearance began. He looked dapper, obviously, in slim-cut jeans, a gray tee and those abiding tattoos. (It aswell helps that we can consistently account what underwear he apparently has on underneath.)

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