the team is now at five hundred

June 13 [Thu], 2013, 15:14
The battle of Li sh è tiger is very simple, attack from various directions, diversion, although simple and old-fashioned, but as long as the good, is a good program. An army combat capability, a lot of times is reflected in the march on the ability, when Lee sh è tiger arrived at the designated rendezvous, he distributed to become the five hundred and ten team are beginning to arrive, because now in the grassland, there are many game player of the team, the team is now at five hundred and ten a very common, a point also not conspicuous. Then in ordinary dress, the nine thousand forces are very successfully reached the rendezvous,Oakley Plaintiff Clearance, occasional individual staff attrition, because the encounter of the 301st chapter Wuhuan others in the way elegy wild strange reason. But a digit loss had no impact on the overall situation, an army of nine thousand cavalry, break up the whole into parts range of nearly seven hundred miles, took two days, finally only one digit loss, this is definitely a very J ī ng sharp force. Plan of attack without a moment's ready, the north and south sides each have a team of five hundred cavalry s ā o disturbance attack, be sure to get the big momentum, because the town within the motor strength is very few, so the enemy is certainly not out of the camp, just don't get too close to the feet high wall, on the basis of not what is the loss of two thousand people, the East Group, efforts to attempt to break the gate of the city, give the enemy attack on the South and north sides of the East, west of feint, blank. Around three missing a is the magic weapon against cavalry, of course. Infantry line. But in fact, Li sh è tiger did not expect the other party from the west to escape, he is the first long-distance raid, if Su Yanpu head not wandering. Should know not many of his troops, so the correct choice should be shrinking defense, not flee. More importantly, Fuxin city is Su Yanpu stronghold, if Su Yanpu courage to give up the camp, and camp about three hundred thousand people, he already was in Beitou 301st chapter Wuhuan people lament Xianbei or south with fellow, so. Lee sh è tiger judgment Su Yanpu convergence soldiers to defend, the morning after the decision,Oakley Sunglasses Outlet, if another position, Lee sh è tiger believe they would have chosen. The fighting began in the midnight just. The first round of the raid because very suddenly, and Lee sh è tiger army has always been good at night, or that Fang Zhiwen's army has always been good at night, so the success of the first round of the attack of SH è killed soldiers patrolling in the East, and successfully took the gate. Responsible for the east door Qin Xu Lee sh è Tiger Old department. The very rich experience, contrary to expectation first attack troops see their take on the gate of the city, do not hesitate, immediately command forces stormed the gates enlarge results of battle. At the same time in order to stop the other infantry counterattack, in the gate of the city, around the house on a fire. In this way, the defensive infantry can only attack from the road. And on both sides of the house can not be used to attack, narrow face a lot, and the strong impact from Qin Xu's cavalry. Qin Xu side sent a team to create chaos, shouting 'Army siege, go to die',Oakley Holbrook Sale, while people hurried to Lee sh è tiger signals, their side have attack >
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