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January 09 [Wed], 2013, 10:31
Frankly read the address of the new spa town affair openly / forward to ice in the previous night before going abroad, said: "Clear sister, I go back to the hospital tonight dormitory, there is also something, I want to take tomorrow to Sima Wen Ching go, from the past to pack tomorrow morning I'm over you, you are sending me to the airport "is not resigned? how could something in there?" Sima Wen Ching asked puzzled. "But the house was not pay it, this is good to Dr. Lee to help the transfer of Womens Canada Goose Chilliwack Bomber Parka, can I just found out, not only things fall where house keys also forgot to Dr. Lee, so too in the past, you do not control me , tomorrow morning, I come on time is. "Ice is very not lie, she was flustered, said as he put on the shoes, to take on the package did not wait Sima Wen Qing speak, and hurried out the door. Sima Wen Ching dubious, do not know how to sell what medicine Ice gourd, was left to her, no longer blocked. Ice apartment ZIMMERMAN clear out, opened the car directly to the bachelor apartment. Her just lying ZIMMERMAN clear, in fact, she had been to clean the dormitory, keys are handed over to the hospital room tube Branch her which to collect her things, she is to be the last to apartment bachelor living together stay tonight. Ice stopped the car in the underground parking lot, took the elevator to 28A, the password of the door she lies at the chest, opened the door and entered the apartment, turned on the light, she stood Huanxie place from the left glass Wai into the bathroom, step-by-step with the eyes slowly glance from the whole house. Her entire apartment look finished, and only then the shoes lightweight footsteps taken. Late autumn, some cool weather, Ice stockinged feet, stepping on the wooden floor, some cold, as if her state of mind at the moment. Ice went to bed, slowly sitting on the bed, then leaned forward and sideways body, his hands together under his head, tears gently slide out from the eyes, silent tumble import into the vast ocean to the blue sheets, like drops of water in an instant no trace. "Brother! I'm going to leave you, you forgive me walked out I will take a good cold cold rearing large, I assure you, waiting for him to grow up, I'll get him to come to see you. Brother I know you are not, you also have their own difficulties, I remember you said it?, I will leave you now, the woman you love to find you as long as you fall in love with another woman, and I left, although some reluctant, some sad, but I had to leave, so that you can, and her happy life. brother, do not blame me heartless, because I love you, why they left you, stop looking for me after good, to cherish what you get. "Ice himself said, when it comes to the sad, sobbing, her kind born from the tragic, like this walk, never see his sweetheart like 's. Ice sad in bed after a burst of weeping, stood up, she wants to be properly used to live in the way here, and then revisit the time share of good feeling. Before she went to the closet and began to organize the bachelor clothes suit on a hanger, very neat, very decent, she is still a piece out, and re-hung back, the tie rack colored tie, also a bar to re-neat hanging, finishing hanging the clothes tie, she smoked underwear drawer installed below the open closet, stuffed her buy the underwear to the bachelor Ice all these underpants turned out , and then a strip of folded, boxer put a drawer triangular put a single drawer, after bachelor summer wear T-shirts, she is also very neat stack it back in the drawer. Ice At this point, like a housewife, to her husband finishing with clothing, looked calm and pleased, she did not cry, she even felt very happy when doing these last best beloved man a do The wife's obligations, though not so thorough, did not and he last hugged and sleep, to do these, but also have enough, and ice feel very satisfied. Put away the wardrobe, the ice began to gather up the shelves and curio shelf, in fact, nothing to clean up, that is, with chicken feathers the marbles Incrediblob dust Canada Goose Aosta Bomber Outlet, usually have nothing to dust, Ice or meticulous doing. And other ice these are done, she stood in a circle in the room, could not find the place you want to clean up, she was satisfied with the mouth revealing a laugh, the kind of smile with a sense of accomplishment. She had each time to pack finished room will to the bathroom bath, and tonight is no exception. Ice receded to the body of the clothing piece, calmly, every take off an item of clothing, she will be very carefully folded on the sofa in the living room, this is a habit of her childhood raising into the habit, her mother taught her to say this to put clothes, etc. The next morning, it is easy to find their own clothes. Ice Finally underwear faded, the whole body is completely liberated the whole thing, it is a lot easier, she looked toward the window shining on the glass **, double palm gently on the still very flat belly, it seems felt little life inside a banging beat, she laughed: "Cold Cold, know where the mother? mother created a place that is in your father's room. tomorrow mom wants to bring you leave here, and want to go far, far away, when you grow older, will be back here now mother to take you to take a bath. "Ice speak to the belly of the child, although not children, just an embryo, she still regard him as a child can understand a language, said as he went into the bathroom. Ice placed the hot water in the bathtub, himself lying inside the hot water sprayed from all directions scour her body, she is very comfortable with her head resting against the edge of the bathtub, stretching limbs, slightly close my eyes, any unbridled by the hot water to help her body massage. Ice mind floating remembered and bachelor bathtub every celebration, the kind of ecstasy of joy, as if it were yesterday, bachelor robust body, it seems this time around, he ha ha hearty laughter, as if in the ear, he stroked his soft yet chewy's own body pumping, there he ** when face distorted expression, it seems that with the take out. Ice aftertaste bachelor bring her endless joy each time, think back to him about some interesting childhood and student life. Ice intoxicated mind the aftertaste, her hand stroking his body, from the chest to the lower abdomen, imagine bachelor's hand stroked himself, along with the sound of the rushing water, and ice began to softly hum up. A fantasy space exactly how much, I am afraid that no man can tell, some people can own fantasy into the world's richest people, some own fantasies into the most powerful people in the world, there are people and imagine the most beautiful and the most handsome man in the world, everyone fantasy standards are not the same, not the same purpose, the object of fantasy is not the same. Ice fantasy object, not those handsome singer movie star, she only fantasize about a man, this man had given her as a woman should have the joy this man has saved himself twice, to save himself into detention center, this man is to a dying woman desperate guarding her, this man can make a woman like installed in the heart of more than a decade, this man knows how to make a jolly woman. . . . . . "Brother! I love you!" Ice head bachelor figure, can not help but yell out loud. That night, the Ice confused slept Tashi, head always bachelor voice and facial expression, but when bachelor cuddle their own, but when bachelor stroked own, sometimes bachelor pressure in his body blue, Ice naked lying in bed, keep dreaming, mouth also shouted brother. Ice up early in the morning, the bed back into its original state, reluctantly left in tears bachelor apartment, leaving more than apartment she want to leave this life of the city a few years, leaving her deeply in love with of the people, she should love, are taken abroad to go, ready to long lonely life in the past those wonderful memories, constantly turned out aftertaste, this recollection, to accompany her through the unimaginable lonely. Ice stopped the car in the parking lot in a the ZIMMERMAN clear apartment, by ZIMMERMAN clear, drove her to the airport to the parents of the Ice in Shanghai waiting for her, her transit from Shanghai to the United Kingdom. "Ice, regret it too late, you can not escape, you can find a good." ZIMMERMAN clear driving a car, again persuaded Ice. "Clear and sister, you advised me, this is the best way, you said nothing to say, you are so busy and uncle there, no one loved ones around, he will be sad, I just can instead Your good care of him. "Ice face extruding said with a smile. "Ice, one thing I did not tell you, now you know." Sima Wen Ching wanted Xiaozhan and tell their own exchanges Ice. "What happened? Is Cousin, there is a great secret without telling me?" Ice thought the bachelor of things she had to say it. "Yeah, the big secret I intend to get married." Sima Wen Ching said this time, without any excitement, it seems like marriage is a very common thing. "What?! You want to get married? Heavens! God! Such a big thing, you tell me. Tell us more about who you fancy? Would not joke, right?" Ice really taken aback, can not believe some of the questioning. "Have you ever seen, is the new general manager of the hotel, Xiaozhan ZIMMERMAN clear look unlike joking, and ice from her face to see out, this time, the cousin said is true . He? When you on? How little I do not know it? "Ice feel a little sudden. "A lot has happened the last two days before deciding, so they did not have time to give you talking about, and so dad to see you asked about my personal life, you put the message told him, he certainly pleased wanted surgery back to make arrangements for my marriage. "of ZIMMERMAN clear at this time to say the things they want to get married, intent, she did not want to let the Ice my heart always thinking about what they have disputes and bachelor, she wants Ice believe that they are not the kind of casual woman. "You decided? Given day at what time? I am afraid to attend your wedding can not, I'm sorry, sunny and sister." Ice wanted to participate in the the ZIMMERMAN clear wedding, but she thought I finally made to leave the decided not shaken the determination because of cousin marriage. "We have not decided the specific time, etc. dad's illness, I will took Xiaozhan to the foreign countries to see Dad, or simply wedding in a foreign country, was really like, you can also do my bridesmaids. ZIMMERMAN clear Oh laughed, and she wanted to try to get some dull atmosphere active point. Two sisters talked to the airport, the Ice run boarding pass, accompanied by ZIMMERMAN clear before, came to security. Ice turned embrace ZIMMERMAN: "Clear sister, thank you!" Silly girl, Xie What is sunny sister did not take good care of you, Clear sister I'm sorry you ZIMMERMAN clear slapped the back of the Ice said: "to the outside, everything more than eye out from time to learn to take care of themselves at home, money spent, give Clear sister said, do not go to work, and good child was born." "Clear sister , no matter how he asked you, you do not tell him any of my information, in particular, can not say that I was pregnant with his child, if I know he can not live at ease, come on you, you must remember. "cold The ice still worried ZIMMERMAN Partly give bachelor. Two sisters just separate hug, the ZIMMERMAN clear phone rang, she took a look, is bachelor phone: "Ice, is his call, not to take?" She said as she handed the phone Ice. Ice hesitated for a few seconds, and took the phone. ZIMMERMAN clear that Ice To answer the phone, and she had some Ice delighted when they saw the handle organ Ice. Ice answered the phone, his eyes looking at the phone, touch on the finger on the answer key, then release the touch of the thumb in the end key, the phone did not sound Womens Canada Goose Trillium Parkas, and then on her hand organs, she understand, bachelor must be received HAO Dong-mei brought gifts, see note only phone, because their phones off, so the telephone call to the cousin's phone. "Clear and sister, I go, you go back, I went to the side, back to you later, you inquire about some more of his message, what the situation, we must tell me." Ice ZIMMERMAN pulled clear hand, the final say. Ice step one back through security, walking toward the waiting hall inside, with no less than give love on the bachelor, with a bachelor seeds of love in her body, did not give the bachelor for the last bid farewell to a man left. The book is the first. Your message even if it is only a (* ^ __ ^ *), will become the power of creative efforts of filling it!
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