will leave an indelible personal atmosphere

April 12 [Fri], 2013, 10:41
That Xing sneer continued. "When it comes to test it, I come to is subject to the orders of the elders, especially to publish the alchemist within a hospital official letter, you have other qualifications, I would say a lot details!" First of all, I will be sent to you Rune badge per person in an inner court, however, only primary runes badge! only secret and the use of the co-array! badge above, you sacrifice the blood, it will leave an indelible personal atmosphere! under this atmosphere, even if you are in thousands of miles outside the alchemist of the inner court elders can also see through the Association grain Common array you ignore all amazing, LI Xing went on. "Although primary Rune badges, but you also can not underestimate it, it can set the public, whereas display their co-grain resonance resonate with meaning is very simple, overlay your combat power into gas prevention, even if the opponent you much higher, may not be able to get rid of your breath against!, also known as co-grain gas array! "Xing hands, the addition of an instruments the white sè prayer flag. Greentown from smoke on alchemist hospital, 400 Miles way to $ 170 nine-gun, this time selecting the test is to get along more than half of the Mayor House India seal. The Wuling, Wu shortage and Greentown three disciples, is the need to be more than ninety seal! 90 stamps printed at the top of this prayer flag. "" But you can rest assured that big to mention xìng risk their lives, prayer flag above my alchemist Presbyterian logo, this one hundred seventy-nine gun along the way who would not sell the our alchemist Court face! This test has a name, called the Miles! "trip thousands of miles, "dragons looked Xing asked, he could not help but wonder. "According to what you said, the smoke on near the city of Warrior, not very easy to pass the test?! Such a test, a bit biased?" You what you no big or little what tone? "That Li Xing glared dragons one shouted: "Remember, in the sight of my inner door disciple Li Xing, you just started early disciples of the first preparatory exterior doors can ask questions, but to understand at least the identity of hierarchy! you humble outer Disciples ---- no rules no standards understand it or not? "dragons do not want to be arguing with him, is hand blocked yù to attack Zhao Meng, continue to ask sneer. "Well, I am afraid the next reckless, Big Brother understanding! Really do not know about this inner court hospital regulations, little children!" Xing listen dragons words only nodded slightly to ease the tone. "Well read you have not started really knew nothing about the rules, I will spare you! For this test, but it is the elders set, an expert act, there must be a wonderful meaning Haier ignorance junior off to make a fuss!" Lee Hing said, a hypocritical sigh: "To blame blame your home is too far from the smoke on the city! Saying, proximity and easier, so you were born, they wonder people!" dragons strong to suppress anger, polite replied: "Big Brother said, the idea is to be some truth!" But such a test, although not dangerous, but tedious to the extreme! 400 Miles away, but also 90 sigil seal, one of these years to reach the smoke on the city,Nike Air Jordan? Is there no other way? "within six months less than who is ineligible As for the other way, it would not not open prayer flag you look! second way is that the days of track "days of track,Nike Air Jordan 9?" heard this, dragons also quite curious. LI Xing-handed prayer flag, ten Warrior looked curious. Zhao Fei, this character asks sè prayer flag, one would have to open, and then a closer look, but it is a half a meter square map, only the top of the map, not only marked the passing of more than a hundred-gun County government, but also with a red circle out of the dozens of names, such as the big yīn Mountains, City of Light, Blazing Canyon wolf blood domain are all curious about the occasion, Li Xing explained: "As you can see, these gun gun House location is clearly marked, to save you a lot of trouble, you need to do is to intensify their way! "Xing is also a sigh shook his head. "Well, I see you guys County Warrior, within six months to reach the smoke on the city, fear is unlikely to be ye therefore there is a second way, let me see you with a red circle the names of these places the culprit bullies rampant, have each gun a wanted criminal! long as you seize any three of them pass away cultivation deliver official, or kill any of the three, with its head, there is no need to ninety Province India. "" Oh, "days of track" seems quite interesting! "dragons curious with a sigh. In fact, a few months ago also wanted Wuling County, reportedly wanted the reward is as much as three million gold, knowing that they count as a wanted criminal! ? Later, of course, talking about over and over again, Chan Chee Shing Chen Zhijie, then wanted Ye Xiaolong, but it is yù cover Mi Chang move, head to interference Murong family, and now, had withdrawn an arrest warrant. The interesting?! Ha ha ha ha. "Xing watching dragons without yīn the not positive gloat sigh. "If I were you, would never choose the second way! Because the first path fails, life. Well it is difficult to say to myself" dragons to see Xing a snob like, is to spend time with arguments. After that, I think Wuling 17th sword, that is, take the opportunity to ask. Wuling's a wanted man, what does? "" As long as the position of the finger on the map Wuling, a wanted man name will immediately show! "Zhao Fei heard this, it is a curious point in Wuling County Gunbu point, the map is a partially enlarged, about a dozen names, dragons one is to see the first illustrious name --- Li hate day! Dragons could not help Yi Tan, I did not expect Lee Hentian actually on the list, but this is a bit ironic! In a moment, the heart of dragons flashed a concern, if this were encountered Lee Hentian opponent, fear not "doers of the word" anti send xìng life! "The reason why I mentioned the the Wuling and Wu shortage County, is to tell you, although I have a pathfinder, but only responsible for communicating, not escort you. This alchemist Court is massive selection disciples, including gas cases, Xuanmen two large sphere of influence throughout the entire mainland Yan Lung twelve hundred gun, do preparatory disciples, that is, twelve thousand people! twelve thousand, four hundred teams and thirty group you green water gun and Wuling, Wu shortage County together as a team! do as to who the captain, how to pass the test, and so on, all by your own shots! immediately, Xing adds: "This prayer flag down prepared three, who do not obey the arrangement, but also can be used alone on the road, however, one person, may be more difficult to complete the test! Moreover, even walking road ---- line Miles, is not no danger! fewer people, I am afraid that much harder! "that was it!" they also came to understand. Immediately, that is, deep in thought. Two roads, the so-called test line thousands of miles of track days! I am afraid that is not easy, the first way, waste of time, I do not know within six months whether to reach. The second way, though only killed three people, three men and is a wanted man, do not want to know the extent of the danger! Dragons hearty laugh. "Haha, too simple, select the second route, days of track and then at full speed rushed to kill a few evil bandits!" Heard this, Xing looked at the Ye Xiaolong, his face was hung with disdain expression . "Do you think with your mad Wu repair, you can unashamedly say what days of track! Uppity kid!" Why, I'd like a walk! "Say, dragons also contempt Xing a . Hentian Lee However, as already been taken, but compared to other Wuling killer, for example, had died in themselves and tolerance Johnson hands of Lingyun, Juran, bright moon sword, ranked five or six killer dragons now, it should be no fear if not 11 Heaven, at least a fight undefeated, you want to get out, not a difficult thing! In fact, dragons repair now, with Hyun-class avatar Dan plus Kuanglong change! Following fear and brilliant, it is difficult Zai Yu opponents,Coach Crossbody Outlet! Of course, like Happy child genius, is an exception!
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