Wu Jing pretend to be surprised

September 14 [Sat], 2013, 17:12
( ) Aircraft has been lowered , we all walked toward the outside , Wu Jing mood is not good , the way no chance to Ye Zetao hook . This mission is not completed o A ! Wu Jing hearts very anxious Men's North Face Bionic Clearance to go back after the account of this matter is not good ! This time Wu Jing Ye Zetao the students no longer think of things, more is thought of their own interests. "Ze Tao, what do you think you are to the capital ? " She also intends Zhuangyang inquiry . Ye Zetao also know that she should know their own situation , but it is said: "I can be considered into the great representative of it, come to the meeting ." Wu Jing pretend to be surprised and said: "You 're into big behalf ! Come to the meeting ? " Ye Zetao chuckle this woman the tender parts into a show , smiled and said: "Yes o Ah ! " "You are very good development , I have no regrets when the class got you , no matter, I'm to haunt you later , and you've got to good idea to prepare yo ! " " Oh, no chance , I'm married now , stuck ! " Ye Zetao laughing. Stare Ye Zetao , Wu Jing Jiao Chen said : "into such a big beautiful house Daozhui you do not like o A ? I made you into a good situation , does not affect your marriage , you see how ? " That some joke of the mean , but also hidden in some real ideas. Say this, Wu Jing Ye Zetao to look to know that this is his last chance this tender it. He is a very aberrant female into , but also with an old classmate Ye Zetao relationships come up with such an atmosphere it is easy to hook on Ye Zetao , Wu Jing still have confidence on their own , in her thoughts , the male into entirely nakedness thinking animal , as long as a little girl into the initiative , there is no man on the hook does not enter . What to Know Ye Zetao is laughed: "You o Ah , still the same , we like to prescribe a joke, I go first, after contact it ! " Ye Zetao showed a completely do not believe this woman is a real meaning into the words . This Ye Zetao King ran a little gentleman's demeanor did not, pulling suitcase left out. Ye Zetao looked back, Wu Jing further deepen the kind of powerlessness , she found herself in front of Ye Zetao do not have any advantage. Wu Jing also consider themselves before their pretty, attracted Ye Zetao should be able to , but now it was found , into the hearts of home Ye Zetao simply not their existence. Now look at it, this Ye Zetao eager to go back to the situation , Wu Jing King ran for Ye Zetao wife that there was a deep sense of envy . Into the home is really o A ! Wu Jing Ye Zetao really want to loudly tell , just Ye Zetao hook finger , she will go pounced . But look at that Ye Zetao situation , Wu Jing is aware that their own means simply useless . Think of the things that did not complete the task , Wu Jing go under when it flew into a haggard man into the arms. Struggled to leave the young man into the arms , I saw that the young man stumbled into sè vision , really want to curse in, but bear down. Look Ye Zetao , it was to see Ye Zetao turned a corner has disappeared. It really was not into men ! Wu Jing cursed loudly, never seen such a man into the face of such a beauty all their own Canada Goose Reversible do not care ! Even so , she accelerated the pace of recovery of the past . Out of the airport , Ye Zetao saw already a waiting Liu Fan . Liu Fan Ye Zetao now become the entry of specialized transportation , all the way denies his status . Ye Zetao walked over , that is also tight with Wu Jing came . "Ze Tao, you have a car pick o A ! " "Yes, your company no car to take ? " Ye Zetao asked one . Wu Jing Liu Fan on toward looked in the past . Ye Zetao is not to introduce them . "There should be right, not found ! " Says Wu Jing also had , she knew she wrapped tight grip of some, may have caused Ye Zetao resentment , or to have a little distance is appropriate . Ye Zetao said: " OK , you find what pick you up in, I went into the big report go ." With that, a pull Liu Fan , two entry is quick to leave. Does he discovered his intention ? See Ye Zetao such a situation, Wu Jing hearts surprised , just stood there meditating up. Thought for a while, and nothing felt exposed place, and Antan breath. At this point, the other just flew into the arms of the man now over , pulled out a business card and said: "Know that I was the general manager of the Group ring river ! " Wu Jing turned around, twisted butt gone. This time, Liu Fan Ye Zetao has got into the car . "Ye brother, beauty o Ah , how not send her a ride ? " Ye Zetao said: " my college classmates , work in Haidong , room ancestral China 's mistress ! " "I rely on ! " Liu Fan, China has been on the ancestral house wrong way, hear Ye Zetao such a presentation, just shout loudly. Ye Zetao mind was thinking that he be the last time gave this woman into introspection chance ! Ye Zetao got off the plane on a purpose in doing so , let this woman into jǐng sleep, if she could sleep in jǐng after about convergence , but also do not want too much himself to her as difficult , Bijing own classmates . Now look at her own up ! "Ye brother , how do you do with this woman into on ? " Liu Fan then also asked curiously. Ye Zetao smiled , put his Haidong thing to say it again. " Your brother in Haidong o A , after a while I want to Haidong trip , I have to see him go ." "Come on, you gotta like you do not take him , he was honest into ! " Ye Zetao they really are afraid of Liu Fan was eating and drinking with his brother piáo gambling . Liu Fan on smiles: " I ​​am a good income ! " Ye Zetao laughed . "Ye brother, you see the people of the ancestral house ? " Ye Zetao thought for a moment , drew his ancestral house to see people want to design their own thing that out . Liu Fan, one on anger, cursed: "Dog rì the room ancestral China , the idea is to hit your body up ! I was called into going into this round of smelly woman ! " Ye Zetao glared at him and said : "Well , do not be imputed at every turn , and you're not an officer , and things will not elaborate ? " Liu Fan, laughed and said: " do not say, a name to that room ancestral China , I on gas is not one to play . " ye Zetao said: " OK, I 'll settle this thing , you just need the capital things tell me some more on the line . " anyway, this Liu 's children have toward their own willingness Ye Zetao also confessed some tasks to them. Liu Fan for capital happened to know a lot, while driving a car , while Ye Zetao introduced toward the capital from happening . Ye Zetao sitting in the car made ​​a phone call to Zhang leisure, told him he had come to the capital. Ye Zetao received a phone call sheets are also pleased to leisure , said: " I ​​later contact you, when you want to unify the activities ." Two kick into the phone, Liu Fan Ye Zetao direct the flow pulled Liu Dong 's home . This one enter the house, according to Lew welcome out . She also began a large belly up, saw it coming Ye Zetao smiles: " all the way to smooth it ? " Ye Zetao is the past hugged by Lew , a small channel : "My child okay ? " By Lew face with a sense of happiness and smiles: " very good ! " Liu Fan behind smiles: "I stand here ! " Lew by glared at him and said: "See how our two hole affectionate look is not enough ? " Ye Zetao to laugh , it seems like Zheng slightly weakened by Lew together a long time, this bold to ! Liu Fan also pen up and said : "OK, I'll give you access to enter , and you want affectionate couple affectionate words on it, I'm gone ! " Toward Ye Zetao waved, Liu Fan, already went out. See Liu Fan leave into two also did not immediately affectionate , Ye Zetao leaning Lew sat down by the past . "Dad did not come back ? " "He o Ah , now is the busy time , simply not the house ! " Ye Zetao said: " to also , the two sessions is a major event in the country ." " Your brother how things had ? " according to Lew also take an interest in the Yeze Jun thing. Ye Zetao put the whole situation after speaking a bit. After listening , according to Lew said: " That is that Cheng Ling Han also firmly , otherwise no significance , the capital has a lot of good girls , if you hear that your brother , I believe that many families will like it, if not , I'll give he introduced a lineage better . " " You o Ah , I still hope to find his brother own happiness ! "Think of yourself and Ye Zetao also zìyóu love thing, according to Lew smiled and said:" That is what I am north face clearance , an estimated two are not split open into the demolition of the ! " bathed out , Ye Zetao or tenderness in bed with Lew depending only got up for a while . Recently by Lew sleepy little more, see Lew depending on the order, do not want to sleep up, Ye Zetao think of development and has not yet hit the discs and removable hard disk . Got up , Ye Zetao entered into a special arrangement in his study . This study was made ​​to very good, which put a lot of green plants sè , go after a burst of fresh air blowing. Ye Zetao walked over to sit down, took out a cigarette lit sorption , put the computer is also open. That room is just the peak Haidong mayor , his son is room ancestral China , look at this situation , room ancestral China is now the location of activities transferred to Haidong , this kid engage a company Haidong , benefits must be very great , just do not know can not find some of these things useful . Watching this three removable hard disk, two look at that two discs, Ye Zetao have a feeling that this two disc may be the main thing , it should be just the thing burn it. Put the disc into the computer , Ye Zetao also thinking there in the end what kind of content. Soon, it loaded a disc to run up. Looking at the Ye Zetao pinch in the hands of the smoke that fell into the ground. I rely on ! Race course is this thing ! Did not think it would be such content , Ye Zetao shocked.
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