P90x Shakeology- Give Yourself The Nutritional Edge

April 05 [Thu], 2012, 16:35
P90x Shakeology- Give Yourself The Nutritional Edge

Buy p90x Shakeology and give your body a nutritional edge. Yes, I drink Shakeology every day. Why, because it is pure nutrition. Will drinking Shakeology help me in 1 or 2 days? Probably not! What I am doing is giving myself a nutritional edge. You might say “What do you mean?” Let me put it like this, when you eat a hamburger and fries for dinner I am pretty sure that is not going to kill you. Eat a hamburger and fries everyday for 20 years and I am sure we can all agree that you are probably going to have some serious health issues.

Smoke 1 cigarette tomorrow and that probably won’t effect you at all. Smoke a pack a day for 20 years and you might be walking around with an oxygen tank. You smoke your cigarette and I drink my Shakeology. We are both giving ourselves an edge but your edge is tipping the scale in the direction of bad health where I am tipping the health scale in my favor by giving myself something healthy instead of something that causes cancer.

What I am getting at here is our health will never be decided on just one day or one act that we do but instead it will be based on the little things that we do every day. We need to understand this little concept and tip the scales in our favor.

p90x Shakeology provides us with a simple and easy tool to help tip the healthy scale in our favor. Pour and shake and you are drinking pure nutrition in seconds. ( If you are making a tasty recipe then it might be minutes.)

I challenge anyone to take the list of Shakeology ingredients to their doctor and get his/her opinion on this breakthrough in nutrition. See what 100 doctors think about Shakeology.

Every day you have a choice. What you need to ask yourself is which way you are going to tip the scale?
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