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October 30 [Fri], 2015, 10:12
Ud7 is it http://www.thewishingchair.co.uk/ Ralph Lauren Polohttp://www.thewishingchair.co.uk/ worth buying

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Mine is the vanilla flavor x3 sli.If thats the your getting.The board can do delightful things.But if you have a c0 proc or basically most things that doesnt want to oc dont push it.Dont force it to be were a person would like.Like my c0 only imagined 4.2 i couldnt go any further.I tried to see if i gets 4.5 for finding a bit.But my board wanted nothing about it.Remember that.It ot to 4 simple enough and 4.2 with some effort.However when it doesnt want to go anymore.It doesnt wish.I have had this board for several months now, and i have not yet find a flaw in it.If you plan on cooling the board with liquid the barbs are welded on to the block and perhaps they are 10mm. (3/8").Ek is the block for the nb/sb and mosfits, requirements out any day now.I have heard the silent fan is over kill, i have it fitted, as well as runs real cool.In comparison to the asus rampage ii gene i was running the nb and sb are 20c lower.Some are having trouble with memory, i have not had a single problem with my ocz platinum.A lot more clocked my 920 to 4.2 first try and only had to tweak some minor voltage settings during the last month.I believe it well worth the cost i paid for it.I hope this element helps.No industrial noise here.What may possibly make noise on the board?The only things i really found people would complain about, were maybe only having 2 gsata 6gbs note of, and the hybrid silent pipe since the pci 1x slots.I doubt there could major change in temp with the nb silent pipe on or off, so key free the pci.It is furthermore configured to run raid with(6)Sata 3gbs handled by ich10r,(2)Gsata 3gbs, controlled gigabyte sata2 control, and thus(2)Gsata 6gbs organized my marvell 9128.I ran the gigabyte sata2 controlled with the xhd(Extreme drive), I thought the capability to add more hdd to an array at anytime was dope.The speed seems to be roughly as the intel controller i had my older raid0 array on.I had to un-Install my raid0 today to put a dual boot win7/ubuntu studio(Grub only looks forward to raid 1/5).So after countless restarts in multiple types and transferring over 4tbs of data to and from internal hdds and backups i will say this board is a tank.It flexed it muscle and worked properly, never recovering from 42c.Sure appears great, runs real fast and overclocks as becoming champ.But this board is much weight brute.Linux on a 4ghz i7 is a overkill for speed, seems a stable xp on steroids.Using everest ultimate edition and it didn grasp the board, but a tech emailed me today with a newer edition.It benches for the big boys.If thats your main one your getting.The board can do awe-Inspiring things.But if you have a c0 proc or basically something that doesnt want to oc dont push it.Dont force it to be were you like.Like my c0 only considered necessary 4.2 i couldnt go any further.I tried to see if i gets 4.5 for finding a bit.But my board wanted nothing related it. AlwaysRemember that.It ot to 4 simple enough and 4.2 with some effort.However, if it doesnt want to go anymore.It doesnt would like to.Click to inflate.I had my classified for pretty much a year.And i find it irresistible, it been trustworthy 24/7, haven restarted my system in almost 3 months.I owned 5 evga decks now, an absolute 750i any 780iftw, the right 790i, a evga 160 lf e659 kr p55 considered, and a e760 told apart, and haven had a single downside to any of them!I did break a sata slot off in 750i, but i will aspect that to being drunk.Where has my past experiences has been the exact opposite with gigabyte, i owned 4 of their boards within the last few 6 years(Both apple and amd), And have had to RMA every on in a years time, And even had to RMA one board 4 times to get which worked(As well as getting exactly the same dead board back from rma still dead).As well as incompitent help skincare products tech support(And lastly every reply was in broken english), As well a broken RMA website.Also when you fill out all the forms for rma and they send you the reply email to which enables you to mail it off, they still print out a blank from for you to fill out by hand even though they have all the information you have(Lazy any? ).Gigabytes rma is the worst i have ever encountered for all kinds of product, yes even more difficult than sony!Lots of folks swear by gigabyte, and in writing their boards look amazinng and are feature packed.But i have yet to have 1 positive thing happen while using one of many.I say go with another label like evga, asus, or alternatively dfi!Great comments in connection with gigabyte.To get a to many sites read many comments concerning gigabyte and the ud7 board.Some people swear by gigabyte and others have a negative experience.We have spent more money then i should have on a motherboard i hope i fall into the favorable column.Over the years i have had not such a good experience with customer support often i blame it on my lack of expressing my problem or my lack of knowledge it.I was between the ud7 and the classified which was slightly higher cost.Totally free hoping i did good.

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