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2011年08月15日(月) 4時37分
It's been a long time again and this week was a quite strange and stressful one.

First of all my parents went on holidays to Rügen for one week. And my first plan was to sleep in their water bed for that time, haha. I didn't even do it once after all.
On thursday I had my first night shift working in the kitchen and since it's been month since I worked in the kitchen last it wasn't a good idea of my manager to let me work there at night all on my own without even knowing what exactly to do. I don't know ANYTHING about how to work in the kitchen and I was so happy that Mr. Gille was with me until half to twelve. Half an hour before we closed. I wouldn't even live anymore if he didn't help me. Honestly, that was the worst day of my entire life so far! Hope this isn't going to happen again tomorrow... (-_-;

After I finished my latin stuff I started over with math. Relations, functions and stuff like that. I don't even understand a single word! Math drives me crazy!

Moreover I feel totally strange for a while now. I'm starting to cry anywhere and anytime, at work, at home without even knowing the reason. And in the next second I'm getting totally agressive or start to laugh. I would really like to know what's happening to me these days. Holy...
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