Different Types of Chest Pains and What Causes Them

May 07 [Tue], 2013, 16:53
Chest pain forms one of the most prevalent types of body pain among a large section of the global population, and it may manifest because of a number of reasons. One of the most common responses among people experiencing any sort of pain or discomfort in their chest or people in immediate to them is to make this as an example of heart attack. However, chest pain can occur in people for a wide variety of causes of which heart attack is one type. A large portion of the global population experiences chest pain that has got nothing to do with any problems related to the heart or cardiovascular system. Problems or damages to the lungs, ribs, esophagus, or nerves can also manifest in the form of pain and discomfort in the chest region. Therefore, it is important for people suffering from any sort of pain or discomfort in the chest cavity to consult doctors at the earliest to diagnose their problem.

The pain in the chest may manifest itself in a number of forms ranging from a dull sensation to aching and stabbing pain. Each of this variety of pain usually points towards the cause behind it. One of the most frequent reasons behind a sharp and stabbing pain to the chest is the occurrence of angina, which results from blockage to a blood vessel supplying blood to the heart. Chest pain also occur because of a number of other conditions to the heart including pericarditis or inflammation of the membrane covering the heart, myocarditis, or tear in the coronary artery. The treatment ranges from removal of the blockage to the blood vessel supplying blood to the heart in case of angina pain to treatment of the inflamed condition.

Chest pain may also occur because of infection in the lungs or the airways. Pneumonia and other forms of obstructive infections to the lungs may result in pain and discomfort in the chest region. Asthma is a hypersensitive disease that can result in acute discomfort during breathing and pain. Gastrointestinal diseases can also lead to pain in the chest region. Acid reflux often results in a painful burning sensation in the chest region and the common name for it is heartburn. Injury to the rib cage can lead to pain in the chest while muscle strain can also result in similar sensation. Therefore, chest pain can have a number of different underlying reasons. Thus, it is important for people suffering from chest pain to get to know the causes behind it and take appropriate remedial measures.

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