Rado the whole porcelain and ceramics account form capacity version

July 19 [Fri], 2013, 1:33
this year, in chance encounter the radar table 50-year-old birthday.Is 50 years old, remain young to radar form;Accomplish future, Rui idea innovation, the radar form whole porcelain and ceramics series is exactly the perfect symbol of this principle.The radar form of Section 1 whole overlay high technology porcelain and ceramics whole porcelain and ceramics series watch, now then hand over to design a master Jasper Morrison re- create and integrated to possess singly of pure Chien invite and pay attention to the design principle of function, be rated as all new classic make.

the series followed proper black of brand and gold color style, embellish other tones of characteristic that the pole has ages at the same time.5 styles of tones can be provided as choice-from classic platinum to advanced powder gold, each creative process that represent radar form for decade respectively.

each capacity publish 10, witness radar form and design master Jasper Morrison successfully cooperate of beginning.Lately pack with the new style of wrist form in 2009 then in 2008 both parties' next stage cooperates of plan.

design nicety, rival nature.The form capacity version series adopted special dial design and extremely good whole proportion when radar form whole porcelain and ceramics accounted.Three timers follow classic, arrange three circle with different size wreath, design handiness, just like the comet.Timer and dial detail through re- design Biao with the gold color, highlight dignity and honor.The dial number designs convex now whole outline, natural wreath become circular, is perfect with square dial to blend, form to take a round design in the square.While controling to account the button tiny dew of function is at the dial dime and merge into an integral whole with dial.The whole product adopts a classic high-tech porcelain and ceramics material of radar form design, integrate creative dumb light whet sand texture external appearance, the color is big heavy, dial Biao with the gold wreath, the blue precious stone crystal of shining and black metal texture, the overall design is anti- bad mightiness, form huge sense of vision impact.

the style's product design it may be said the one and only, packing equally from design master Jasper Morrison hold knife to manage.Leather outward appearance, natural and seamless, Jian Yue but pure and unadulterated.Inset chemistry sign to mark by hot Rong processing on the box noodles, represent the gold of product respectively and it metal alloy composition:AuPd, Au2 N, Au3 N, Au4 Ns or Au5 N.Matching colors is ingenious, conceive outline a choiceness.The mental strategy only has, for match to protect an inside product design.The wrist form is placed to inside the box, imitate if wear on the wrist.Close a Qi, stir up moment quest inspiration.