Hardworking Nintendo Released New Super Mario Bros. Wii Updates for Luigi's Mansion 

April 30 [Fri], 2010, 11:58
Nintendo's new product - the "New Super Mario Bros. Wii" has been sought after by many fanatical fans since its release in Australia, Europe, North America and Japan from last November. As a kind of national game, though there isn't much change in it, it has important place in the heart of the players. Indeed, there is no pleasing picture, but it still maintained its games and playability. Nintendo Nintendo has given "New Super Mario Bros. Wii" a whole new game content without props and additional modes as the past. Although on the basis of NDS version, there is not any check point the same.Nintendo DSi Console , the Same Decision of Grandma

New Super Mario Bros. Wii gives great players feeling just like an old friend leaving for some time, taste and hairstyle being changed while still being their good friends. This time, in the new game, Mario is continue to work hard for the sake of loving the princess, he always deal with Kuba. It differs from the past. Because Mario who has been fighten alone finally has a partner: his brother Louis and the small mushrooms will all join the war. It is believed that Nintendo which has always been putting emphasis on changes will certainly satisfy the expectations of gamers.Derivations that Stir up Tarnish to

When this game is sweeping the world,Nintendo get new actions recently. Mary-Kate Olsen Lead You How to Transform with NDSL Console in 20 Minutes! Its U.S. branch has recently registered a trademark, or dug up an old mark - "Luigi's Mansion". Like the past, it may result from high-extent copyright self-protection. Of course, it may imply the possibility for Luigi to become the main character in new version of game.

In fact, Nintendo has registered many "Luigi's Mansion" in America. According to the record of the American Trade Mark Patent Administration, there are 7 in all. Four have already expired or invalid, and only three still remain "alive", so perhaps the eighth Mansion is to extend the filing period.

Another possibility is the new works of "Luigi's Mansion", in which the Nintendo's fans are more interested. Reguardless of these facts, at least Nintendo will release NGC's transplant or re-plate version. It would be better to creat many new ways for playing by adapting Wii remote controller. All of them are good for players' benefit, and bring new blood into Nintendo game empire. But now, we have no idea about the Nintendo's plan. What we could do is only to wait and guess. Anyhow, according its usual habit, Nintendo will doubtlessly bring game players new surprise to satisfy their expectation.
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