May 09 [Fri], 2008, 8:23

Bought a copy of PC GAMER, disc issue.


May 06 [Tue], 2008, 8:24

University of Guelph

Oh barf. So I wrote out my whole blog and Yaplog dies on me. :( Not cool!
I was sick this morning so I missed half of my classes. I basically spent the whole morning looking at University books and going online for a while looking at random stuff. I went back to school around 11 o' clock and straight to the school library to work on my Spanish ISU project that I slacked so much on. My whole lunch was spent doing that.

After school Jennifer and I went to her house to chill for a bit and eat. We then went to the public library to take out some books~ I took some (by some I mean all that was there) by Francesca Lia Block who is one of my favorite authors and Jennifer got At Swim, Two Boys by Jamie O'Neil which is my favorite story ever.

We went to the mall where I found this lovely bag in Excetera (it was closing and everything 50% off) that I loved so much! Jennifer bought me it as a gift!! THANK YOU SO MUCH! You are the greatest ZIG ZAG cha gwai in my life !

Rest was all studying for chemistry.

Pink extensions de Rinkooo


May 04 [Sun], 2008, 8:52

We had tea with the pretzels that tasted really good.

These are the bows I bought. The Hello Kitty and navy blue bow are clips, and the other two are hair ties.


May 04 [Sun], 2008, 8:36

Jennifer and I took a bus to Trinity Commons today and it was really fun ! We went to a lot of the stores there and bought clothes and some other things.

We ate at Harvey's and watched the people that passed by the window haha.

And Jen bought these cute pretzels


May 03 [Sat], 2008, 6:47

Drew Park Young Min and still experimenting with my style.


May 02 [Fri], 2008, 5:49

I can't stop playing Pokemon Mystery Dungeon 2 right now! I pulled out my DS a lot in between or during classes to play haha. I like the feature to be able to attach a cell phone or e-mail address to your wi-fi account and get notified from there. I talked to Tobin about it and he seems to be interested in it and maybe Jennifer would be too.
Or, Jennifer, while he is distracted with it you become the Kangminoverlord.


May 01 [Thu], 2008, 1:53
I'm in Spanish class right now and should be working on an ISU but I just can't. :' ( We went to Jennifer's house the period before.
Woke up this morning and ate a tuna fish sandwich while watching Ongamenet's Starleague 2008 re-view. Park Young Min (Much[gm]) was playing and was constantly being harassed lol but I was so happy he won in the end! It didn't look too good at all for him but he wouldn't surrender ! Incidently, I also sketched him last night haha.

At lunch just last period, we went to Jennifer's house. We got Roxanna to play Starcraft for the first time and we tried to help her but some of the stuff she was doing was goofy but awesome. Like the Mission Objective being to make 10 marines.. she makes so many SCVs it's a road block and they are doing nothing!! PRO
Jeremiah has stayed up to 2 AM playing Starcraft. He will soon be the SC pro killing everyone I bet! GOGO
I-I am so nerdy. :' ( And it's ironic because I haven't played Starcraft in like a week now because of studying and school!

I've been unusually sad for a few weeks but I'm starting to feel better, especially now that our Seminar is done. I spent hours on that because half of my group members were gone and it's been stressing me out. I applied for Summer School math with Jennifer to boost our marks.. I'm wondering if I should take it for Chemistry too because I'm not a fan of it. :( I'll have to study for it extra hard.
I miss Ferdi and I hope he is doing better today so we'll be on the same level!


April 28 [Mon], 2008, 8:54

'SuMmer tiMe
you & me happy together'

Gloomy rainy day today. Read sweet letters one from Tobin and one from Jennifer~
Jeremiah feeling better today!
Felt bad for fobby haired asian boy loved by weebs. Jen talked to cute girl because you are the ultimo chubby chaser.
Went to the mall after school with Jennifer to look for a sketchbook, and she got a black binded one. Found this cute tote for cheap at "that obscure bag store" and bought stuff for the seminar.
I'll probably have to go sketchbook hunting at Michael's instead but I'm glad Jen found a book!

I'm not even halfway through my current sketchbook but I like to collect them. :' (

And Jeremiah is buying Starcraft today. Maybe right now. TRULY THAT IS AWESOME!! YOU WILL BECOME THE MASTA OF RTS YOUNG ONE.

And now lots of studying and homework! Wished I got to talk to Tobin more or tuned into Ongamenet because I am a nerd. Hope this week is better. ;)


April 27 [Sun], 2008, 6:57

Quick sketch of Kristoph from Apollo Justice which I still need to buy.
5 hours of homework and now to e-mail the Shoppers World CCD girl for volunteer work for Jen and I haha.


April 26 [Sat], 2008, 8:07

I drew Kang Min.. drawn in Photoshop CS2.
I'm trying to shift to a more realistic style still. Not that I really had a style to start with but I guess it always looked mostly animu all the time. :' (

I just love a lot of Korean artwork so much, the style is often stylized but still looking realistic! I love it, I want to draw like that (well, I have to work on drawing DECENTLY first HAH)! I also really love Obata Takeshi's artwork~
Haven't been drawing so much because of school though.

what to dooo what to do

Reference picture I used:

  • プロフィール画像
  • アイコン画像 ニックネーム:LENA
  • アイコン画像 性別:女性
  • アイコン画像 誕生日:9月30日
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