marriage much a responsibility

December 15 [Sat], 2012, 13:12
"We love at first sight, have been dating for two years, and believed each other is worth to entrust the life-long person." Haikou a university junior student Chen

smile and tell reporter, the law has made nike air max tn uk trainers for sale it clear that college students can get married, as long as both parents, they are going to fix up before graduation went to

civil affairs departments to receive a marriage certificate. Stand on one side took Chen hand XiaoYan don't respond, just smile looked at her boyfriend, appear some


Have to get married before graduation is not only Chen and XiaoYan pair, accept and support college students get married students is not a few. According to one survey,

nearly sixty percent students think that can accept college students get married, and more than seventy percent students think cohabitation is normal phenomenon. In

fact, online BBS communities circulating even this statement, "according to the principles of genetics, the classmate must nike air max 2010 uk trainers online marry and have children after graduation as

the first five year plan".

Reporter recently interviewed hainan several university undergraduates, most people said, the law allows college students get married, this is a kind of progress of

students' rights. As college students, as long as find the right person can get married. "Campus is pure love, and wait on society, love will get many real things, the

marriage will be cars, houses, and many other physical things bound. Now that have found the right person, why not catch?" Hainan university junior WangTongXue think,

and after graduation, will face a lot of choices and problems, if now two personal feelings to determine, marriage can avoid the trouble back at home.

At the same time, there are many students in the college students get married opposition. HaiShi sophomore xiao li said, college students no solid economic basis and

very mature thought and knowledge optimal period, the choice of a marriage is not smart, "I think, first and then get married, this kind of marriage to strong."


You really ready?

Compared with love, marriage much a responsibility. To this, many experts say, campus love based on parents give material basis, did not pass the test of life. Even if

some of the college students nike air max ltd mens trainers to the legal marriage age, but still need to look before you leap, married life pressure very realistic, responsibility is very important,

college students if decided to get married, you must ask yourself 1: "really ready?"
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