April 16 [Wed], 2008, 5:43
Think it's pretty cool now *uu*! Bye bye livejournal. I prefer this site over lj!

Wellll, I should go sleeping, but if I think more closely, shutting the computer would take too much powers! XDD So I just listen music. At the moment I'm listening Lupo Label. It's great band ´A``♥ Love it. But it isn't my favourite band! Dio - distraught overlord is definitely the best! Still remember how wonderful that live in Finland was *ww*!♥ It was awesome! Better than Dir en grey's live, much better!

But now I really should go sleeping, if I won't I'll be like dead tomorrow ! XD That wouldn't be nice, wouldn't it? After all I have maths exam tomorrow and haven't even studied to it! It isn't bad thing, though. I'm pretty good at maths, so maybe I get good grade even I haven't red at all. Let's hope the best and fear the worst (・ω・)!


April 16 [Wed], 2008, 5:01
Omgosh.. I can't use this! XDDD
And, well, my english sucks. But I'm so happy ´w`! At last this I managed to do blog here! This is so great (・ω・)! Like a dream come true or something XDDD! Lol.
Now I just should try to learn how to use yaplog! 8-----DD
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