but the strength of world supremacy

June 29 [Sat], 2013, 18:13
Purgatory array, not Yingmu strongest hook nose old master matrix of the column, but its vast extent jīng secret in his grasp ten million ban array, but also among the top ten! His heart is set ten rì Mo language term, as long as he can tear a hole in the matrix during escape, will be considered through the assessment. This requirement does not seem high, but the old man Yingmu hook nose clear mind, where exactly to what extent the difficulty, I'm afraid lightly ban array gurus, it may not be able to do! But for now, Mo language will not only be Destroys out, but is so outrageous means, the whole array of purgatory completely destroyed! This suggests that on the whole he purgatory if his hand would give all master matrix operation can make the best use change matrix operation, with the power of purgatory itself Destroys! Even array gap amazing array outside the flow of time, but also in just one year, if not this junior hidden, that he is a true genius forbidden array! Before He Destroys think slow progress, the latter may xìng undoubtedly more! Yingmu hook nose old man slowly seated, he frowned, too look down upon their own underground passage Could he? Or he had another means? But anyway, this junior broke open purgatory completion of the second test is a foregone conclusion, and to surrender the respondents perfect beyond his imagination. Then the third test what do you still want to continue? He has been unable to continue to support it, if they miss the opportunity to practice hard life proceeds, they have to disappear completely from this world! This junior can Lianchuang two off, pour barely had inherited his heritage qualifications, as the old man meditating in silence for a long while after the mouth suddenly a pick, giving it a mockery of Italy, "Yang Pei Yao did not expect before dying, worried about their heritage cut off, you will give birth to the idea of ​​such a weakness. "his back straight,Oakley Sunglasses Split Jacket, eyes bright and sharp, tough proudly broken body out of breath, Piansi that soar above the goshawk, the bow overlooking the common people of all things! "Deity to ban array humanely, the realm of humanity touched the pinnacle,Oakley Penny, the strong kill countless worldly aspect, how can we lose the occasion of the demise razor!" "Yù was deity heritage, they have to pass three hurdles assessment, if buried last a test is doomed! "" junior, death line, then see how you have chosen! "lava stones whistled Ben scroll trip, from time to time from spewing out black fire," thundered "just like steam ahead, momentum of the earth-shattering! Mo language stopped figure, his face sè slightly pale, his eyes fell on the front getting stronger swirl, mouth smile. Destroys the trend has become, he no longer has to do anything, quiet waiting FIGHTING crashes, you can go directly to escape. After a moment, in his eyes, the swirl number of road suddenly appeared deep dark chasm! Swirl strength matrix has been torn, and this is to leave purgatory export! Without any hesitation, MO language leap, body fall swirl, not directly into a crack disappear. Send the whole body came a slight tearing, interest rates after a few front sight restored, MO phrase appeared at a Chuansong Zhen. This is a magnificent corner of the hall, a ground covered with several feet of jade square stone, a dozen root of the number of people encircle circular cylindrical propped Dianding. In his eyes swept around, the old Di suddenly sounded in the temple, "Mo words, you do not want to know the deity is? Deity will be in here, come now!" It sounds mysterious survive Dong Fu Creepy! Mo language started up,Oakley Batwolf, the house opposite wall of a black and white two portals, the sound is coming from. He pursed his lips and facial lines even more so hard, that he did not refuse the right, after a brief pause strode! But with the front row, looking at the wall black and white two Mo language portal, eyes gradually revealed dignified, an oddly sinister atmosphere of my heart! Pop! His footsteps stopped, his brow wrinkled tightly together! Two portals, the surface looked exactly the same, without any modification decorate, just pure black and white, simply incomparable. But since it is two portals, we need to make a choice. Mo language slightly narrowed eyes face expressionless desert, my heart is gradually gush chill. Two portals, one black and one white, most likely, is a living person, a person is dead. Doors are living into life, into the gates of death will die! Death two, is that the old fool cloth under the third test! Want to see him, you need to do first choice, this choice involves life and death! Mo language deep breathing calm state of mind, his eyes moist exudes fluorescence looming round black sè virtual shadow in his eyes emerge. Soon, he appeared fine nose forehead sweat, because in his opinion, the two portals to accomplish the same breath, impossible to find the slightest abnormality, it can not determine, black and white two sè, exactly who is the main raw? Who is the master die? Close In other words, this off test is luck! The popular saying goes, Grand Canal plus body was sheltered world can Fengxionghuaji killed Chengxiang, better chance to get a lot of good fortune air transport illusory, it seems preposterous, it is hard to explain, but true monk who exists in every one. World monks dangerous heavy, calculating layers of murder must not, either your heart xìng cautious qualification Guards, if bad luck, go out there may encounter unexpected calamity bloody spot, a dead one hundred, and everything foes into the air! Only occupying the air transport of the generation, struggling all the way to bloody corpses stepping on countless enemies move on and become really strong! First off appraisal heart xìng, the second hurdle qualification examination, the third hurdle is luck! Mo sè more dignified language of God, wheezing feel gradually deepened, heart birth somewhat anxious. The third test seems the most simple, just make a choice, but the front straight - arms can shut the door equally difficult! There is no certainty, can not make any effort, only to be sent to all the luck of its own illusory, although half of life, but there are half as likely to die! The easiest second election, but involves life and death, it becomes a world hardest choice. Invisible psychological oppression, so Mo language sweat, and instantly put him robes wet, root-like feet set in place, a half step forward in time even dare! "Do not forward, not to vote, or will die!" "Do not forward, not to vote, or will die!" Sounded a sound mind, and then grew louder and louder, and seems to countless people in simultaneous roar to form a strong psychological self-suggestion, no matter how elections are certain death! I do not know how long, maybe an hour, maybe a few recess time, Mo language suddenly awakened from this state, feeling their breath getting confused, his mind slightly frightened, depressed mood eyes inhale all! Interest rates again after a few sheets eyes, MO language has been restored calm eyes, suddenly strode forward out! Since we can not find a Rashomon, then delayed again for a long time have no objection, sooner or later fate choice! So, if you had not choose, why affected by this suffering! He does not believe that he went to this struggling rì, can get out of the edge of life and death countless times, eventually will die in here! Standing in front of black, MO language slightly bite, reaching forward to! There is no reason, and without reason, he just followed his own thoughts! Then the door opened. Calm nature, with you I Ping rì open the door between the numerous identical, one does not exist in the building of the temple Dong Fu appeared in his eyes. Mo tense body language of a song, the meaning of the fundus gush ecstasy! He knew, at least this time his good luck, he bet on! Way out, a black door! Mouth gently spit breath, Mo language convergence of mind, to go into the them. Into him after Shimen silently behind dissipated. Mo language frowned, Taishou look forward to, I would see Melaleuca stone turn on, Piansi it beyond the bounds of the road, clouds linger temples looming, majestic atmosphere, reminding us of scenes God slander residence! Induction soul there is nothing wrong, he step onto the stone steps, in silence before the trip, step by step, almost impossible while on! After a moment, when he went to the main entrance hall, then slowly open the closed doors of the house. Basilica deepest chair old forward his opinion. "Black and white two, representing life and death, the election of the student, dead wrong, this is the first robbery." "Seeing the two, if they make a choice within ten interest, showing reckless no brain thinking I do not know, whether black and white are dead This is the second robbery. "" Seeing the two, if not in the twenty-interest in still take a step that is not afraid of no prior heart and your spirit, whether black and white are all dead, this is the third robbery. "he slightly pause, eyes flashed a bit appreciation, "two three robbery, you can get through, this is your chance." calm indifferent voice echoed in the temple. Mo micro-stiff body language, my heart suddenly rises chill, he thought of the first robbery, but I wonder if there is another two robbery exist! If he is more delayed for a while, and now I'm afraid has been banned array forces denied! He strongly depressed mood fluctuations, move the line Rudian, the hand and said: "See predecessors." Yingmu hook nose mouth revealing faint mocking the old man, "You surfaces respectful, I'm afraid to make the hearts of the deity is fear rejection resentment." Mo language a little silence , or reverent said: "Yes, but the strength of world supremacy monks, juniors and seniors repair cloud of mud, even the idea of ​​hearts what the surface can not reveal the slightest." Lianchuang three clearance, this old fool observe him, Mo By setting the same language examination for him have some understanding. This old fool is that the cold-blooded heart xìng lengli generation, hypocritical cover will let him do not like, may be the direct frankly better choice. Sure enough, the chair exposed somewhat old fool heard a smile, "You're a junior is pretty interesting, so dare opening in front of the deity, good, very good!" He nodded, a smile was soon Lianqu, lightly: " Do you appreciate deity, you need to appreciate, to get deity heritage, it is your own life in order to pass through the game proceeds xìng! deity as long as you can pass down the resulting spiritual life, it would be sufficient. "Mo language submissively," is the . "" deity is not much time left, and now they begin. absorbs much, they see your good luck "language down, Yingmu old man raising his hand forward a hook nose pointing out a bright sparkling like a diamond-like simplicity Rune emerge from his fingertips, Emmanuel shine on it, every ray of light, by the countless array Rune ban composed Piansi river waterfall flows endlessly mysterious obscure unbearable! Rune vitro, old face suddenly became more old, rotten dead air filled stacked wrinkles. But his actions no one gets stagnant, flexor micro-bomb, Rune roared out, not into the Mo language eyebrows seen!
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