Solar Deals Could Provide 100 Percent of Bernards' Power

February 28 [Thu], 2013, 18:20

The installation of a field of solar panels over a closed section of the Pill Hill landfill off Pill Hill Road, although approved by the committee more than a year ago, is held up waiting for changes in state regulations, McArthur told committee members at Tuesday's meeting.

But the good news, he said, is the governor's retooling of solar regulations to encourage panels to be placed on industrial "brownfields" and on landfills also gives the township a chance to negotiate for the energy to be produced at a reduced cost.

The combined solar installations, including a large solar panel field at the Bernards Township's Sewerage Authority, eventually "should cover 100 percent of the township's electrical needs," McArthur said. "I believe that will be the case."

The Township Committee on Tuesday voted to give Syncarpha EFGI, LLC, the vendor already granted a lease to install a solar photovoltaic system at the landfill, another year to complete the installation.

That's about how long Syncarpha estimates it will take for the state to complete regulations and to carry out engineering plans for the project that already are complete, McArthur said.

The solar panel system that already went online at the Bernards Township Sewerage Authority's treatment plant about a year and a half ago already provides much of the power required by that facility on an around-the-clock basis, McArthur said.

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In addition, the solar vendor is due to pay Bernards a one-time leasing fee of $450,000 at the time the the system goes online.

The lease contract allows Syncarpha to keep the panels to be placed at the sloping former landfill property for 20 years,A travellingcable is a machine used primarily for the folding of paper. McArthur said in 2011.

At that time, former regulations prohibited the municipality from working out a "power purchase agreement," or PPA, with the solar vendor to buy back the energy produced at a reduced cost.

"I am actually really excited," Mayor Carolyn Gaziano said of the proposal. "We could save a significant amount of money."

Township Committeeman John Malay said it is impressive that Bernards is shooting to cover 100 percent of its power needs with solar panels when other towns with solar installations are seeking to provide perhaps 20 percent of their power needs.

The new regulations would give the township the "right of first refusal" for any PPA agreement proposed by Syncarpha, McArthur told the Township Committee.

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McArthur said that he believes a solar panel field is the best use of the former landfill, which he said is covered with a polyurethane cap that can't be punctured. He said the solar field would not affect the recycling center on the property.