Clear Plastic Business Card

February 26 [Fri], 2016, 16:30
A business card is a card which speaks about your business. A card would be worth if it remains in ones wallet or purse and when he wants to do a deal or any business he simply contacts the address written on the card. On other hand, a card is useless if it is not read and is kept aside for a long. Generally what happens is that almost every business man has got a card printed and when he gives it to someone; either the card is never used or is a show piece in one’s draw. Everyone wants to get away in cheaper cost and so tend to follow paper business cards. And in return these cards are a waste.
The other paper cards were easy to get and were printed at a faster rate but plastic card creation is a bit involving procedure. The difference is due to the fact that the ordinary cards were printed with liquid ink and these use thermal shift procedure to deposit ink. Both the cards are rectangular in shape. If you wish to go for any imagination shape you can. These cards are also printed on both the sides and punched on either side. One unique feature of these plastic cards is bar code readers and magnetic stripe. These may include the code of the company to give it a unique look and make it different.
Clear plastic sleeve business card is durable and can easily slip into the jeans pocket. They do not even get pressed. Earlier people used to design their own cards and logos, go to the printing companies and get the card printed. But now the time has changed. You simply go to the company tell them that you need a plastic card for your business. They themselves would do the needful. What you have to do is just pay the money. If you have a tight schedule and cannot manage to visit the company, this service is available online also. There you could see a variety of examples and choose one for your business.
The cards are really awe-inspiring. They have little- little implausible art done over them. Though they are expensive than the ordinary paper cards but it make you stand above all. Now days every company has started following the plastic card and make themselves different from others.
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