Top 10 LED online store

November 23 [Fri], 2012, 16:10

Nowadays, low-carbon lifestyle is the mainstream of the future, thus LED naturally gains popularity around the world gradually with its high-brightness, satisfactory appearance, long-service life, easy-maintenance and low energy consumption. It is often referred the most potential green lighting in 21st century. However, for various reasons, it is still lacking recognition in daily life. Based on these situations, I have comprised a listing of the top ten e-store for those people want to experience the advantages of LED or just wanna some LED knowledge.
This LED online shop is an established brand since 1999, and became one of the nation's largest Philips Lighting distributors few years later. Now the brand it covers not only the Philips, but also Bulbrite, Maxlite, TCP, Cree and Universal. If you are stick to well-known brand, may be the best choice for you.
According to my mind, there is no bigger LED online store than in US and it’s started earlier than What is impressive is not only the multiply products, but also their sale team. I bought nine Christmas LED lights last year here; their team is really always available to answer any question! If you consider the good service important, you might love this shop.
Debating on this online shop tends to the polarization. Some of the customers give way high marks to it because of its quick and free delivery around global. The others are unhappy about the poor quality of its products. There is much to be said on both sides, besides the negative points, this shop still be one of the best LED sellers around the world.
This is a LED online shop from China, the products cannot be measure up to above, and however, it has the advantage of being the almost cheapest price among all the LED sellers. There is a suggestion for you: if you found a kind of LED product in other web sites, you’d better take a little bit more time to search it again, and then you will find the same products with lower price. The most laudable of this shop: if you send an e-mail to their customer service to inquiry a particular product, they will provide the specific services to purchase it for you.
This online shop also gives customers way good experience, their price also competitive. They just lack more humanized serve.
It is another LED online shop in US. Obviously it does not be as good as; their customer service is notorious in some way. But taking together, it still can rank at six.
Attention please! This NO.7 e-shop’s name is but the Their ranks not quite two though, the former supports more pay methods than the latter, and their quantity of products is all right.

This shop give a clear and scientific classification of its products, you can find the certain products which you need. Its biggest disadvantage is not-fully species.
I really like this site personally because of the web easy and clean style, the reason that rank it at nine just want to make a fair LED online shops list. As a not bad web site, it still unknown to most people is well-known in some part of areas.
This shop can be as good as above if it can upgrade and update more frequently and faster.
LED just got a long, long, long way to go, and that’s my humble opinion, welcome to make corrections.