This is it - my life, my past, my future ^^ 

2008年06月09日(月) 6時31分
So this is it, my curriculum vitae ^^

My birthday: 17. August 1984
Place of birth: Celle (Niedersachen [northern Saxony???], Germany)
Current city: Bielefeld (relating to some vicious rumours on the internet my hometown doesn’t even exist… in fact, that would explain a lot of things… ^^)
Height: 1,58 m (that’s official, it’s in my passport)
Weight: Something from 42-47 kg, depending on how I feel
Hair colour: dark brown, some people say it’s black, I say it’s not. In my “youth” I went through various red’s and purple’s and whatnot… In summer 2006 I was nearly blonde… looked terrible XD
Eye colour: Green on the outside, brown on the inside (get it?)
dirty little secret: wearing glasses when nobody sees it. The other time I feel like a mole XD
Inner turmoils: Many XD
Fave colours: Black and red, sometimes even petrol ^^

Fave Music: Basically everything with guitars XD Metal (so this means Melodic Death Metal, Speed/Power Metal in my case), Metalcore, Punk, JRock, Swing, EBM, Industrial, Electro and so on and so forth, it’s quite much ^^

Musical Recommendations of the month (of the year would fit better): Kamelot, Sonata Arctica, In Flames (all time favourites), Lacuna Coil, OneRepublic (though that’s more like pop… I really love this one song “stop and stare” ^^), girugamesh, 3 Doors Down, Sex Machineguns, Arch Enemy (all time favourite as well), Die Ärzte, Balzac, Children of Bodom, Combichrist, VNV Nation, Mesh, Silke Bischoff, Colony 5, And One, Depeche Mode (all time favourite), D’espairsRay, Evanescence, Galneryus, heidi., Incubus, jealkb, The Mad Caddies (I’m still angry that I missed the chance to see them live in Bielefeld…), Maximum the hormone, Michael Bublé, Misfits, Mucc, Paradise Lost, Rage, Rhapsody, Silverchair (though I don’t like their “new” stuff, I just hang on to their first albums like Frogstomp, Freak Show and Neon Ballroom), Story of the year, Tad Morose, Tenacious D, Within Temptation, The GazettE, De/Vision… There are still many more, but sadly I get old and don’t remember all the times, no matter how hard I try XD

Fave Food: Hm… Chicken, Pasta and… don’t know, lately I only ate chicken, Pasta and Chocolate XD
Hate Food: Most kinds of meat I guess…
Fave Books: Many
Fave Movies: Crank, Shaun of the dead, Kamikaze Girls, Sakuran, The Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter (no, I don’t deny that), Butterfly Effect, Tim Burton’s Movies, Robin Hood - Men in tights, School of Rock, Tenacious D - Kings of Rock (or the original title: The Pick Of Destiny)… Don’t know, I forgot most of the names ^^

Done yet:
(School and work)
- primary school (from age 6-10)
- comprehensive school (like high-school I think…) (from 11-17)
- technical college (18-19)
- apprenticeship at a lawyers office (19-21)
- selling pay-TV via telephone… (22-23)
- being the right hand of the devil: NOW XD Ok, just joking. But right now I am the head secretary and it’s much fun, though I really turned out to be quite a workaholic, even working on weekends… it sucks…
(some other remarkable things)
- playing guitar in front of 80 people for the first time, June 2000 (nearly having a nervous breakdown previously)
- playing guitar in front of 400 people for the first time ever, May 2001 (without having a nervous breakdown previously)
- went to the chocolate museum in cologne, July 2001
- graduating school, July 2001
- went to the first ever show outside of “Asia” of Dir en grey in May 2005 in Berlin
- Dir en grey, May 2006 (Berlin, Columbiahalle)
- Finally started going out at the weekends at the sensational age of 22! XD
- D’espairsRay, November 2006 (Hamburg, Markthalle)
- dumping my boyfriend via SMS in 2006 XD
- Ektomorf, Blinded Colony and Kayser (?), February 2007 (Movie, Bielefeld)
- Becoming friends with some wonderful people, all over 2007
- again dumping my boyfriend (yes, it was the same…) via SMS once more, 2007
- Wacken Open Air 2007
- The Gazette 2007 (Cologne, Live Music Hall)
- realise something’s wrong with me (due to having kind of a winter depression I guess)
- girugamesh, January 2008 (Bochum, Zeche)
- become enemies with some of the above mentioned wonderful people
- Boris, April 2008 (Bielefeld, AJZ)

About to do:
- WACKEN OPEN AIR!!!! Since I got my ticket I can’t wait for it. But previously:
- Japan Tag in Duesseldorf (don’t know how to say that in English, my brain’s dry…) (hoping to buy Ramune there XD)

Definitely not:
- spend too much time on the internet, watching videos on youtube…
- fantasize about how life would be if I chose a different path (how pathetic XD)
- miss another cool concert again just because I’m having headaches or something…
- miss W:O:A 2009 (even though I have no idea of the running order/lineup next year… Doesn’t matter, as long as it’s Wacken XD)
- get a haircut. My hair will grow longer and longer till it touches the ground, yes! I look like a little boy with shorter hair…

Proud of:
- My Toshiba Notebook (but I still think Windows Vista is an asshole… next time I’ll buy a MacBook!)
- My long hair XD
- The strength I gathered lately, so I don’t start to cry everytime someone tells me something I don’t want to hear ^^
- Being myself!
- My new apartment, though it’s little, but it’s mine, all aloooooone! XD My home is my castle, anyway, no matter how small or big it is. I had smaller rooms, so this is rather comfortable and much more space to keep clean XD
- Not drinking alcohol for about two months now. Yes. It’s not like I’m addicted, but going out and having fun was bound to drink way too much beer and gin-tonic XD
- My huge CD-Collection. I think I need to buy another/taller CD-Rack

Not so proud of:
- The stupid things I’ve said and done in the past
- That I can never gather enough courage to go on learning how to play guitar (I’m playing since… well… 1997? But my playing still sucks… ^^)
- Lying sometimes. But only little lies to save myself XD That’s okay, isn’t it?
- Not having much fun lately. I want to go out dancing, having fun, but I’m always tired on weekends… this sucks.
- The split ends of my hair XD I even tried to cut my hair myself last weekend to stop it from splitting further and further XD
- Being lazy. Really lazy. My home looks… horrible… ^^ I could lie and say it’s tidy, but I want to refrain from telling further lies XD
- Still smoking. I can’t quit, it just doesn’t work. Ok, I never really tried, so…
- My short legs. I really hate them.

Looking forward to:
- Seeing people I didn’t see for a quite long time now ^^
- Get a dining table. I really need one!

Scared of:
- Gaining more weight so I get fat and grow out of my 26” jeans. I don’t earn enough money to buy EVERYTHING new.
- Spiders
- getting a tan
- getting sunburnt again at the Wacken Open Air XD
- too many things to count them, I’m rather neurotic XD

I totally failed at:
- learning how to play guitar properly
- learning how to speak Japanese, I just don’t get it into my head
- learning how to speak Spanish, see above
- learning how to speak French, see above…
- Mathematics XD (my father did, my aunt did, I just fulfilled my family’s destiny XD)
- gaining control over myself

I didn’t fail at:
- Music classes
- English class
- the exams of my apprenticeship (I wasn’t the best but wasn’t the worst either, it was okay and I found a job XD)

My strength:
- Let me loose and I’ll try to make you surrender to my will, muahahahahaha
- One can talk me into everything

My weakness:
- One can talk me into everything XD

And I guess that's it about me, in general

Germany vs. Poland - the final stats 

2008年06月09日(月) 6時21分
Yes, Germany won over Poland, the final score was 2:0
History says if Germany wins over Poland the whole following tournament will go very well for Germany... So... THUMBS UP

Germany vs. Poland 

2008年06月09日(月) 4時27分
So the first match of Germany in the European Football Championship started! I'm sooo excited! Germany has to win!

Right now it's 1:0 for Germany, yeeeaaaaaaaah ^^  

about me^^ 

2008年06月09日(月) 3時34分
well, this will be a rather short entry. I'm writing in english because I can hardly speak nor write japanese ^^ Sorry for that.
So, who am I?
My name is Katharina, I'm 23 right now and I am recently very busy with my job ^^
My hobbies are music in general, JRock and Metal.
I'm looking forward to:
- Japan-Day in Düsseldorf (next weekend)
- Wacken Open Air 2008 (31.07.-02.08.)
Well, that's it, my laptop is getting too warm and I think I'll turn this thing off.
See you later folks ^^


2008年06月09日(月) 2時46分

be nice 'cause this is like my second try on this XD
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