Cheap Lebron 9 Shoes Low "the emperor" and even big span step a kick in the basket frame to stop, a show a performance.

October 29 [Mon], 2012, 18:11
The first half James will get 12 points 6 rebounds, 2 assists, period had a lot of wonderful lens, such as the second quarter of the middle when a disguised the basket, and then cast a record tomahawk type dunks, and because too much impact on the way down not brake, Cheap Lebron 9 Shoes Low "the emperor" and even big span step a kick in the basket frame to stop, a show a performance. However want to over a game and not rely on the wonderful performance, James really reveal ambition or in the middle of the third quarter, the Miami heat seven points behind the violent wind issued by the. At that time, first for the Miami heat guard dwyane wade scored a goal, James in subsequent continuous two singles success later, in four points and 31 seconds into the basket, in gas justice hard took him by the situation, "the emperor" still overlord In addition a quota, very likely to big to tamp the heat this is weak inside, in this position HaLeiEr sen no doubt more good. Last season, playing for the New York knicks HaLeiEr sen, height 2 meters 08, in 5 preseason game, its performance it is getting better and better, averaging can contribute 6.2 points and four rebounds. Holding HaLeiEr 3-pointers, also will be able to enrich the heat in the offensive end means. Harris and HaLeiEr sen is likely to be the last to remain a lucky dog. Beijing time on October 27, the lakers point guard Steve Nash accepted the Toronto star, NBA columnist doug Smith's interview, during he fans concerns voiced their opinions, and mainly talked about Lebron 9 Shoes Cheap the lakers related issue. The following is the content of the interview passage: reporter: when you come to the lakers after, feel some criticism of the fans. Nash: from phoenix? Yes, of course, there will be a bit, but at the same time I also won many people support. Some fans will certainly put blame on me to join the team once the enemy. But for me, it is one of the few chance, because the sun did not want me to return to the team. They never give me quotation, this is a lot of fans do not know. Finally I decided to seize the opportunity, for a great team, and go to a great city, and it also can let me and their children more close to. For me, the child is the most important. Reporter: in before joining the lakers, for the Toronto and New York invitation, whether you have had some difficult choices? Nash: really hard, because for the two opportunity I very value. Toronto for me is a very special opportunity, when Brian (krona gino) and when stojakovic terry jarno to discuss with me, they are all my good friend, is in the national team Cheap Kobe 7 time friend. And I really like the city of Toronto, after all, can be in his country game, can in Canada before play on behalf of the Toronto raptors fans, this is very exciting. For New York, where I had spent 10 offseason, can in Madison square garden play, and see many old friend, feel good, of course, the knicks also is not the lack of talent. Reporter: but when the lakers to join in, you will feel that "well, things that's settled"? Nash: and it isn't, because there was a lot of factors doping among them, when we and the lakers began to talk, the structure of the deal must be sign and change, and in two days to complete all of the things that makes it was difficult for me to do other decision. Reporter: this time you and Howard and kobe Bryant's together, from the exception like lebron James, dwyane wade, than at the time of bosh when big three less. Nash: I think the league environment has changed, people think of this kind of things in the transformation attitude, when this kind of thing happen the first time, people may not adapt, may now have Kobe VII become accustomed to. Reporter: Bryant said you together play will be very relaxed, why? Nash: after all, we are all veteran, and in the team's first team, everyone for the situation of reading and reflect all very well, we know how to match, after all, everyone is an old traveller the. But in order to let us the whole better, everyone needs to make sacrifices. Reporter: just started to cooperate will encounter some difficulties? Nash: of course there will be some challenge.
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