Council attaches great importance to today he will go to the Drum

March 19 [Tue], 2013, 10:46
Be regarded as the completion of the goals set in the pre-season into the playoffs, this fierce leopard find some comfort in the psychological level. Objectively speaking, this season, the team did encounter many unexpected situations make the playoffs is not an easy task, but such results, both for the team, or the fans, in addition to nike air max 2013 ireland the little fluke psychological There is no sense of accomplishment at all. In contrast, from the season the last paragraph of the doubts about the direction of the team building on the endless, the impact of such a challenge to the team's coaching staff and management also deeply affected. Results to pursue still more opportunities to young players, which need to be answered this summer, the new century will be the problem. For Zhang treasure injury

Sports Council attaches great importance to today, he will go to the Drum Tower Hospital, to accept the sports medicine expert Jiang Qing consultation. Prior to the Peace and Harmony torn ligament injuries, are responsible for the treatment by Jiang Qing. Zhang treasures, saying: "It depends on today's inspection results, let him consultation and then listen to his proposals, conservative treatment or surgery." Jiang nike air max 95 ireland Qing recommendations to undergo surgery, Zhang treasure as soon as these days go to Beijing , go Beiyisanyuan underwent surgery. Of the injury, Zhang treasure some difficult to accept: "Games soon hit this time turn out to be very good, did not expect to encounter such a serious injury, but since the injury, receiving treatment on a good it. "Zhang treasure but also on behalf of the Tongxi dozen new season NBL league, Tongxi team coach Xu Qiang said: "Under the current situation, Zhang treasure this injury for at least two to three nike free run ireland months of recovery, it sure is not the National Games preliminaries . League although the time is not fixed
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