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November 26 [Tue], 2013, 16:32
The bottle holds a top high purity drugs. Other drug in a bottle, purity is relatively low. Drug dealer's moves a bit nonsensical, but as can be seen in his eyes who is the first person football. Neimaer photos of flour are high! [Save to photo album], let us look back on the football field, in bidding farewell Macy's due to injury after 2013, neimaer need to assume more responsibility. The daily sport neimaer praise for iron man, because since its debut five years ago, neimaer attended a total of 314 games, he never missed anyadidas springblade cheap games because of muscle injuries. 6 time in 8 months than leg biceps injured Lionel Messi, neimaer physical well being by far more ideal. Neimaer is not missed a game, but never because of muscle injuries of a truce. April 24, Brazil 2:2 against Chile Shi, neimaer had left thigh muscle discomfort, but 3 days later he joined Santos, and led the race. In May 2010, the neimaer were absent because of an eye injury, and Santos and Atletico's game. In 2012, the absent neimaer dos Santos 63 games in 33 games, because at that time the Club game with Brazil national team and the Brazil Olympic team training time overlapped.

Emphasis on speed, power, and change to the neimaer muscles hardly hurt just plain weird. Team doctor Ricardo Santos-Lothar, which derives directly from neimaer superior muscle strength, which is God's gift to neimaer is a combination of training cannot be trained. Neimaer though it seems physique emaciated, relaxation, muscle strength in the legs, which allowed him to keep away from the muscle injury troubles. Since its debut, neimaer has been an iron man. At the age of 17, neimaer in 2009, has played 52 times. In 2010, neimaer has played 65 times. In 2011, the neimaer hit a career high 67 appearances. In 2012, the neimaer had played 66 times. In the middle of 2013, neimaer've played 64 games so far. Before the advent of the Christmas holidays, Barcelona also had 4 Liga, 2 2 King's Cup and Champions League to go. This also means that, as long as the neimaer did not suffer injuries, he definitely will refresh the annual appearance of personal records

Pinto replaced injured Valdés, the first, the 37-year old veteran to secure Barcelona doors yet, Martino also praised him: "like Valdés, Pinto was sound, there will be two excellent saves, he has grown accustomed to the way, especially in the Italian Cup, although not many appearances, but Pinto once there is always able to complete their task very well. "FC Barcelona FIFA virus impacts, Martino declined to take it as an excuse:" our best player missed the game, but players that can play well, we do not think that this adidas js wings 2.0 uk was a special game, injuries, it's not our reason for a bad game. We want to do is solve problems, instead of complaining, I would never have the virus as an excuse to FIFA. The good news is that Barca players were able to play many positions, like Andres Iniesta, Xavi and two small sidewalks can be kicked, while Busquets and song can play in the Centre. ”
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