the nets inside attack

October 09 [Wed], 2013, 16:03

Because of Garnett's data of 4 points and 7 rebounds, rebounds this chore is not Lopez's main task, he can put more energy on the offensive end. The whole game, Lopez-7 shooting efficiency strange Highlands cut off in 15 minutes, and Garnett tried to attack, and not deeply into it, but won in the 12.5 points 7 rebounds is the nets team the highest data. Qualifications ration Garnett Lopez on the show of hands,adidas rose 3.5 but KG better way to teamwork, he can place in the Celtic team boss to Pierce, can also be in the nets inside attack in the first place to the Lopez. Pierce about their positioning is also wise, lack of cases DeLong nets without core, he will make up for the flaws, gave Lopez two assists and Garnett is beginning. Of course, Johnson feels poorly and failed to demonstrate the combat capability, but Garnett and Pierce, at least two people in the new team of wisdom, allowed the nets to become a better team.

(Time), NBA preseason games continued. Basket away to 111-106 scores in overtime to defeat the wizards game, the "truth" – Paul Pierce welcomed him wearing the Tabard first game in Brooklyn, but he has not fully adapted to his new identity, ate in 12-minute period to 4 turnovers, of which the first 3 fouls came from the first 3 minutes of the game. This debut a little "egg" paibingbuzhen by the nets, Pierce (and three other major) are played only the first two sections of the first half. Section I began to play for Pierce, in only 5 minutes, 39 seconds when he was substituted, section II Pierce to start again at the beginning, this time it was time to have 5 minutes 52 seconds and was substituted. Pierce just in the presence of the match in the second half. Two periods combined, Pierce played only 12fenzhong29miao time today. Although not much playing time, but Pierce's foul. Competition just over 70 seconds, and Pierce shoot Ariza blew for a foul and sent Trevor Ariza to the foul line. 50 seconds later, Pierce, and Ariza competing again was blowing fouls. According to the NBA's habits, toting 2 fouls in the first section rest players tend to be substituted, but because it's preseason, so Kidd coach was going to Pierce on the Court. Results in the truth and compete again was blowing fouls.

After 2fenzhong35miao the first section at this time. Started in less than 3 minutes of your time to eat 3 fouls, Pierce the frequency is a bit too fast. Section II Pierce's 4th foul from before being substituted, this gave him trouble is Webster. In addition to foul, Pierce handle is also not very well today, he shot 3 times, only hit 1, adidas rose 773 2.0 cheap this is the first 15 seconds of the game overall score. Together with the foul line 2 fined 1, Pierce got 3 points today. He also had 2 rebounds 1 steals and 1 block of sheets. Of course, today assists Pearce's performance is good, in a short time out of a total of 3 assists. When there are 9 minutes 17 seconds, grabbed rebounds Pearce had orchestrated a Beatdown, helped storm buckle Livingston succeeded, and timing of this attack just 4 seconds. Lopez for the second assists to give up the inside, so that the latter layup to win the 13th, third attack was Garnett's old friend and partner, passing Pierce, Garnett jumpers successful.
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