ce began to consciously practice crosses and shots. Efforts

November 13 [Wed], 2013, 15:51

Campaign--we're in Germany called ' soccer '-like rain on a muddy pitch in both kicking 5:5, mud on their faces after they were back home, finally too exhausted to future conditions that can't play the game for 4 weeks. This is Dortmund. "Against Arsenal on Wednesday, Klopp eager to beat Premier League with this madness (consecutive home loss to Chelsea (microblog of data) and after the Dortmund, Schalke into a can't lose again situation. Challenge away from home before Hertha, Schalke President Teniers revierderby Bild disclosed after losing the call to the coach and some players made a Keller of anger. Top 10 game, Schalke, even the German Bundesliga team that runs at least, Teniers faith requires teams to come up and win. May is President of the follies played a role in Schalke won 2:0 in the capital, stopped the downward trend for the time being. The team were not good, the core players tend to suffer greater pressure. Drachsler, though just 20 years of age, have felt that. Wednesday's issue of the magazine devoted to sports pictures debut Drachsler encountering for the first time since the crisis. This summer, the team wanted to start the young international termination payment terms of up to 45.5 million euros, but the player turned down.

Such astronomical amounts and wore the number 10th this season, makes him feel more pressure. And Borussia Dortmund battle alone, DRAX 7 low-level errors committed during the attack, one of which led to opponent's 3rd goal. Coach Loew he and Sweden substitute appearances for 10 minutes the game runs too few uncomfortable. Drachsler 10.44 km to the first 10 rounds of the season running average, 480 metres less than last season. Franck ribery and Royce from the same position, running distance of 11.29 km and 11.12 km respectively. Germany media reminded Drachsler, go on like this, be careful going Brazil World Cup. Drachsler was not satisfied with the performance of himself this season, but his idea is clear: "going all out on the training field to get out of the crisis. "Manager Haerdter argues that this season, the teams nike air max classic bw australia began to pay more attention to Drachsler, that limited his play. Drachsler against critics with silence began to consciously practice crosses and shots. Efforts finally pay off, with Hertha, he scored for the team at the last minute settled the Germany media praised Drachsler action gave Teniers the best response. He revealed himself when the revierderby for profound reflection and adjustment of personal life, "but of course, my girlfriend didn't change. Sports, Tencent

Frequency common launched of Giants game day under will heavy loaded battle, live Champions League group game h group 4th round Barcelona (official micro-Bo data) home against AC Milan (official micro-Bo data) of focus of war, will, ESPN, and Lin Liangfeng (micro-Bo) will is responsible for scene comments work; also, Manchester United (micro-Bo data), and Juventus (official micro-Bo data), and Real Madrid (official micro-Bo data), and arsenal (official micro-Bo official website data) and Dortmund, Europe land Giants team, also will Yu week in the has in Tencent video debut, Please the majority of fans are looking forward to! November 6 Real Sociedad vs Manchester United Champions League group stage group a 4th round 3 round fight before the Champions League group stage, Manchester United 2-1 with 7 points higher in the top group a, while Real Sociedad three ink in the last set. After a dismal performance at the beginning of the season in the recent United States recovery, the Red Devils in the last two rounds of the Premiership (micro-blog feature) beating Fulham and Stoke in the League, Van Persie and Rooney's partner is getting better. Therefore, this is for the second leg, United's first goal, however, is still get 3 points. UEFA Champions League group stage first 3 rounds, Real Madrid-3 victory finished atop of Group b, Juventus 2-1 defeat of provisional rank 3rd, the Bianconeri not only lags behind Real Madrid, even 2 points less than Galatasaray. For Juventus, nike air max humara australia in order to successfully from this group to break through and break into the Champions League knockout stages, the next 3 rounds cannot afford to lose the Team Championship. In the last battle at the Bernabeu Stadium in the two teams, Real Madrid beat Juventus home 2-1 the visitors ' Defender Giorgio Chiellini (Twitter data) was sent off. Despite this round of defensive mainstay absence due to suspension, but the Bianconeri will be from home and escape to one of this group.
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