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November 06 [Wed], 2013, 17:00

What Sir w.Ramsay was reborn this season is no longer news, maybe Ernie Zirl coming so that he can get more space, or Mathieu Flamini's block to lift the worries. But what is more important is that Wales midfielder quickly matured, as if knows how to morph overnight into a truly versatile MC in the sense of. Gun fans will never again mentioned when Fabregas, who already has a new hero. And Liverpool (microblog data) before WWI, Sir w.Ramsay has 3 game harvest. But is clearly not worried Arsène Wenger, nike air max classic bw australia Sir w.Ramsay on the one hand it's not Target Man, no need for him to take on too much pressure to score. In addition, Flamini injury and aerteta suspended for forcing their midfield defence tasks increase, it is an indisputable fact. The lifting Tower of ALTE comeback, Sir w.Ramsay immediately regain feeling. On 59 minutes, uh, Zirl right cross, Sir w.Ramsay at the top of a ball kick highlight of the world wave volley after volley, Mignolet now away from home, the ball flew into the corner of the goal, arsenal settled. This is Sir w.Ramsay of the season for arsenal in all competitions having scored the 10th goal, and Premiership, he also had gains of 6 balls. God is still shortage of over 3 games is arsenal's top scorer, it's enough to reflect his heavy firepower. Overview of the 8 RAM into the ball game of the season, arsenal has won the women's success. In the game even before its sent out an assist, shooter-5 victory. Once fans laugh as "death" Sir w.Ramsay, quietly changed this season for "winning Angels", peoples worshipped the God he has become arsenal!

Sir w.Ramsay, the praise of the Sky Sports: "one fabulous world, Sir w.Ramsay helped Arsenal win, which also adds a splash of bright colors for his outstanding performance. "While the daily mail lamented:" Sir w.Ramsay never tiring run of impressive, he led the Gunners youth team played impressive perfect at home games. "Gunners Manager Arsene Wenger is also very satisfied with the performance of his love, in the post-match News Conference, praised Sir w.Ramsay's goal, a Professor" who wound ", and Wenger says, Sir w.Ramsay still had room to improve, he will grow up to be a top star. While their performance today, Sir w.Ramsay were also very happy, he said: "we are very happy today, because everyone looks forward to the arrival of victory, and we've done it. Now we are winning faith, and the reason for that confidence is my goal. "On the pitch there is an invisible force, that is faith. This is a mysterious boundary between players and players, now Sir w.Ramsay is moving in the direction of the star closer, because he already possessed the mysterious forces. Arsenal cut right through this season, and the team's success has led to Sir w.Ramsay progress. Future Welsh can be Wenger "top players", everything is wonderful interpretation of. For the fans of each team, each other

Taunt and ridiculed is common, but if over must limits on some outdated has, is easy breed extreme consequences, Beijing time November 5, United Kingdom daily mirror reported under on reported has a appalling of tragedy, in last week Liverpool (official micro-Bo data) 0-2 negative Yu arsenal (official micro-Bo official website data) Hou, one South Africa Police cut gun shot killed one laughed at he of companion, nike air max humara australia and the now lives in shot of fans is one Manchester United (micro-Bo data) hold barge. The tragedy takes place in South Africa Durban, it is learnt that these fans had gathered to enjoy barbecue and watch arsenal against Liverpool in the Premier League (microblogging themes) League final shooter 2-0 wins the reds. One policeman happened to be fans of Liverpool, as their home team to lose a game that made him very depressed, but accompanied by Manchester United fans for his big time taunt, while Liverpool is also extremely well scoff at the words. Each other's behavior caused the policeman fans was livid after the zero tolerance, he yelled, "Manchester United, who? "Then pull out the carrying of pistols, shooting towards one of the Manchester United fans, the victim immediately falls in the pool of blood, was lucky, the Manchester United fans were taken to the hospital in time for treatment, although the lungs badly injured, but was luckily survived.
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