evergrande has indeed spent

November 23 [Sat], 2013, 13:05
Evergrande heavily into get rich rewards not only Super League Triple Crown and the AFC Champions, evergrande in Asian football and international football are praised and highly sensational buzz, and greatly enhanced evergrande's popularity and reputation, of course, the Chinese soccer thing, too. In addition, also produced a great sensation of branding, publicity, promotion of the effects on the enterprises and products, and establish a good corporate image, has played an active role in its impact is far-reaching, cannot use money measure. In essence, the evergrande football is just a means to establish business development, image, branding, product marketing, social responsibility, taken together, integrated and taken into account, through football that carrier, for proper operation, in order to achieve the rapid development of enterprises and Enterprise benefit maximization. Evergrande Tuttle and success because of this, it was also "evergrande mode" the root cause of success. Look at Super League clubs, some clubs in terms of family property-thickness, have sufficient funds are not necessarily worse than evergrande, difference is not able to take the football and business operations, management and development of organic combination of platform height, vast degrees of vision, gaze forward-reaching, ambition and ambition was far less permanent than Xu jiayin. In addition, for both Club and player management professionalization, specialization, scientific, systematic, standardized, and grip on the details, evergrande has definitely called a super Club standard and sample.

Also is that sentence saying, "constant big mode" on like threw into China football community of a article catfish, it of mode, it of acts has great shock has lack suffering consciousness, and dead, and not SI aggressive, and make no effort to seek progress of the home Club and China football management layer, caused series of reaction, forced the home Club and management layer moving up, live up, made change. For nearly two years, Super League teams gradually increase investment, bringing in big-name, high level foreign aid strong and foreign teachers, made the game intensity, ornamental enhancements, attracted a large number of fans and the media attention, positive effect obvious, stop talking about it and hang a big strong intervention and "evergrande mode" of the "catfish effect" are closely linked.

At least for the time being, evergrande has been successful, constant great benefits for Chinese soccer more. Constant digital carriers AFC Champions, whole country excited like picked up gold bullions, stimulated. These days, the national media are aggressively doing free advertising for evergrande, which affect how much money you need nike free run 2 uk to spend and how superb PR simply constant success can be achieved with "Kim won-effect". Well, evergrande has indeed spent a lot of money, not a general, but they bought with the money inside and outside aid is good work, their coach is amazing, savvy, operation and management of the Club is a lot stronger than any other Club. They will get the Super League champions and AFC Champions, greatly improves their visibility, create a big brand, social benefits significantly, to the increase in intangible assets are difficult to estimate. Strong domestic financial resources of the Club was not without, but they are not the same as evergrande inputs according to their business philosophy and management methods in the past, it is impossible to receive comprehensive benefits like evergrande. This is the gap.
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