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November 13 [Wed], 2013, 17:09
Bian Lan: don't point the finger at me in practice players, and Bian Lan's fame the largest also in Zhejiang in the women's basketball player. Why choose practice, Bian Lan yesterday North Green newspaper reporter in an interview, he said: nike air max 1 cheap "only a few of us feel that some issues that require management to communicate with the team, but one US 2-3 day. "After the practice, practice management requirements and the players alone," but we want the team to sit together, open, just to talk. "The parties are unable to communicate," I was the first to notice ' stop ', and leave the place of residence. "When the practice after the incident, Bian Lan is called" leader ". "Don't blame me, I'm one who can represent the views of others? So many people practicing, I this is not the only one to make the decision. "Bian Lan clarified yesterday. In any case, this is not the first time Bian Lan into a cynic rift zone. A little-known incident, Bian Lan when the national team was in front of the team and coach face, called and left the site. Later, the national team only in internal processing, Bian Lan, returning her to the provincial team. Externally, the national team just called Bian Lan injury-stricken.

Only four a week for half a day, Xin Li: training age? Zhejiang women's basketball players ' strike, one important reason is that coach Li Xin training intensity is too large. Xin Li, yesterday to attend the new WCBA season of the Chinese Basketball Association after the press conference said: "train in? They practiced only four a week for half a day, and each time only two-thirds. They may wish to be trained there to play, right? "After a series of rhetorical questions, 44 years old, Xin Li went on to say that were the subject of work:" I'm older than Bian Lan, Ji Xiaoda, Chen Xiaoli, but now I have and the bayi team training, a class does not fall. I can do these things, these active players should do. "Bian Lan and Chen Xiaoli players ' strike approaches, Xin said," I think everything should have a degree, not greed. Oldest player to set an example to the team, bring positive energy to the team, rather than the opposite. "Finally, Xin Li, said:" there is contradiction between me and the players. I think this thing is not me, is their own, fate is in their hands, if they love basketball, is back with the good faith. ”

Reporter (reporter Huang Wenlong) second round of CBA today continued to fight, 7:30 P.M., challenge men's basketball teams will take place in Urumqi, Xinjiang, Fujian men's basketball team. But that game, injured captain Zhao Tailong Fujian men's basketball team, will not be able to play this game, his injury disrupted the original formation of the coaching staff. Zhao Tailong was in the final minutes of the game, stepped on to the feet of the Shanghai foreign aid was caused by injuries. Zhao Tailong face when comparing the pain of injury, followed by two days of observation, Zhao Tailong also said the pain feels a great deal, ankle edema is evident, the coaching staff was worried. Fujian men's basketball team doctor Huang Qilang yesterday to hospital for observation with Zhao Tailong from filming, much lesser than expected with injuries. Huang Qilang said Zhao Tailong injuries are ankle sprains, cheap nike air max 2013 bone does not affect the expected injury 3 to 4 games. Zhao Tailong the main deficiency, paibingbuzhen coaching group have to resize it. Core Wang Zhelin last erupted in Fujian had 35 points and 12 rebounds, refresh the individual scoring record, today's match, he will certainly be your opponent's "focused care" without Zhao Tailong stress, Wang Zhelin pressure will be even greater. Xinjiang lost to Sun Yue on the men's basketball game at the arena, and Marbury led the men's basketball team in Beijing, so the game they will fight more ferocious, Fujian, no small resistance to win the game.
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