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October 23 [Wed], 2013, 16:05
In addition, he tied the case wasn't there to score and expressed regret, consider Indonesia today has opportunities for exterminating China. Before the game, team preparation training, no warm-up. In response, Jackson said: new balance 1500 australia "next time don't do prior to the trip to China, us and North Korean teams to warm up. Have a longer time to prepare for war, players naturally better running, we also have a better chance in China to do better. My mission is to make players better able to blend into a team, play a better team. "Then, a reporter asked about his next season to teach in Tianjin, about this, he said:" as long as I wear clothes of the Indonesian national team, I will consider Indonesia and not to talk about my future. ”

Yu Dabao carry the Defender turned a breakthrough within a restricted area, and then fell, and outflank Wu Xi scoop shot after the ball crashed into the gates of Indonesia. Wu Xi scored himself in the national team's first goal, unfortunately this did not help guozu debut scored in Jakarta back to 3 points. "Scored his first goal in the national team, and was very happy, but the game didn't take off quite regrettable, since we didn't seize many opportunities. "The match against Indonesia, is Wu Xi 9th wore guozu armor appearance. Because Zhang Lin luxuriant injured has not been named, Rong Hao (micro-blogging) has just shook off the cold, in the case of no available on the right back position, Fu Bo had to let SAINTY kicked back in the Wu Xi back, playing at right back when he started out. Throughout the tournament, Wu Xi is no stranger in this location to produce satisfactory answer guozu scored the only goal in the offensive, did not give opponents too many chances on defense. Their goal wasn't able to help the team win, things like this in the Kingdom of Wu Xi font size is not the first time in his career. June 24, 2011 London Olympics qualifier, Wu Xi, as China's Olympic visit Oman Muscat, match him for the Olympic team in overall scoring a 1:1, but lost the Olympic team in extra time stage 3 lost the ball.

Tencent sports October 15, Jakarta (reporter Wang Zhenggen (micro-blogging)) on October 15, the Chinese team in the Asian Cup qualifier away against Indonesia in a group game in the case of a single goal, equalised in the second half by an adversary. Mixed area after the game, veteran guozu Dewey said in an interview, second-team mentality is a little worried, not grasp good chance, leading to today's results. Unfortunately, the game was, the team did the best. We did not take that chance, but opponents seize the opportunity. Away in a draw, is not the worst outcome, we are the flow state, preparation for the next game. "Dewey after the match was very sorry, new balance 1300 australia but need to move on and ready for the forthcoming races. "What has worried State of mind in it, but the League play so much, you should be able to control their emotions, but in today's game, all controls are not the best. "For the second half of the team in terms of attitude appeared more worried, Dewey said. This match, the Chinese team did poorly in the second half, compared with the contrast of the first half, Dewey says: "we mainly wanted to control the ball, but tenaciously, giving us a great deal of pressure, they also seized an opportunity, football game like this, you can't catch, someone grabs a chance, the result is doomed.
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