Renewal of Shanghai State start to slow

October 22 [Tue], 2013, 15:40
Last season, the new partner Peng cheng and Zhang Hao were unstable, after one year of running, Peng Cheng mature, but still appear in the two-day music single mistake and a throwing mistake small accidents, new balance 576 australia and these actions in peacetime training, she is very stable. So how will be routine training levels to play in the competition, is the biggest problem facing small Peng cheng and partner Zhang Hao. Suiwenjing/Han Cong outperformed National Championships has relaxed many of the preceding paragraph may be physical condition improves, but girlfriend jumping a little bit worse. Wang Xuehan/Wang Lei is still owed on the throw jump, throw jump distance slightly less. Apart from Pang Qing/Tong Jian, and the rest combine are second, finished only the important action, but again compared the performance of the first time have varying degrees of improvement. "After all, was wearing a suit for the first time, set to music for the first time, all we can, but we also see that most of the players starting the Grand Prix this weekend, and everyone was in the mood. I think we have players in the next adaptation adaptation, should also be able to quickly get into the game. "The Chinese figure skating team leader Wang Yumin said.

Author's information times, Deng Feifei Wei Bifan topic-special planning Ding Junhui, who is 26, [Twitter] had ever referred to as "pool Prodigy" age, but it ushered in a new phase of their careers. At the end of 2013 Beijing time on October 18 snooker [Twitter] India open final, Ding two-bar break bai5: 0 swept hosts horse Mehta won the eighth ranked in the World Championship of his career. This win is two consecutive ranking tournament, Ding "back to back" to win a pro did it on even dates back to ancient 2003, when "rocket" o ' Sullivan [microblogging] won the European open in a row and Ireland Masters tournament champion and Ding was the first to do this after the player. In addition to dazzling achievements, Ding's increase in stability and psychological maturity is evident, and even Ding after the game and are proud to say: "I think I'm the best stage in his snooker career. "Once affectionately called by fans" little sunshine "kids have grown, are preparing to create its own era. Metamorphosis · skill only attack to offensive and defensive cover
Being a young and famous "pool Prodigy", debuted at the beginning of attack with their thoroughly deserved victory by Ding Junhui has shocked the whole World Snooker. Indeed, with slow, sometimes even slightly dull compared to the defense, dazzling attack easier to catch people's attention. However in the world of professional snooker, light attack is clearly not going to work, because most of the top players have a lot of offensive ability, you can't always attack the premise by creating obstacles to an opponent for their winning initiative is the key to victory.

A month ago, snooker [Twitter] masters in Shanghai, Ding [Twitter] even gram nerds, won for the first time. When China snooker fans while still immersed in the joy, did not expect the China Billiards to bring surprises again. The snooker at the end of a few days ago India open, he successively put on reverse play, winning huge, won his career ranking eighth championship win not only made him the top ranking Championship back to get born players, 8 number of professional ranking tournament win, let him first Robertson side-by-side after the first person in the world. More important is, one of three ranked championship medal, Ding goes hand in "rocket" o ' Sullivan [Twitter], name in the history books. After the game, sit fourth in the world, and is new balance 574 australia expected to hit third in the world, he may say so in the near future despite the current are the best phase of my career, but there is a lot to learn,
To constantly better ourselves. Renewal of Shanghai State start to slow heat under-exposure back-to-back to win the Shanghai Masters tournament and India open titles, together with PTC Finals Champion, Ding's performance this year is not simply described as magical. Although India racing is a new event, compared to the short competition rules and the major ranking tournament, seemed slightly lower gold content, but two points in a row to win, Ding has entered the best stage of my career. One can win 3 Championships in one year ten is "rocket" o ' Sullivan, in 2004, he was in the Welsh open, World Championships and Grand Prix three times consecutively. Ding Junhui races and World Championships, China lost to Hawkins in a row at the end of last season, earlier this season were more general, Wuxi halted the second round of the game, players tour scoring a point four. But since the Shanghai Masters tournament, Ding continuously in good condition.
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