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September 23 [Mon], 2013, 11:25
SINA sports appear 2013 season in the Super League 25th round events in the, Teda home 1-0 beat national security achieved has to Shang season three methyl of three even cut, Valencia [micro-Bo] into winning ball, Lima also reflected has defence key people of active role; people and road 5-3 starred Fuli, Misimovic contained scheduling, pulled law [micro-Bo] and Zhang Chenglin [micro-Bo] also are to out passed shot performance; Shenhua home 2-1 reversed Shun days, Xu Liang [micro-Bo] [micro-Bo] passed shot again show has free kick Kung Fu. Following is Sina sports selection of in the Super 25th round best lineup (5-3-2) striker: Valencia (Tianjin Teda [micro-Bo]), and Rafa (Guizhou people and [micro-Bo]) this round in Beijing Tianjin dialogue in the played Kay Hou, Teda to near 3 round streak constant big [micro-Bo], and Shun days and national security this Shang season in the Super three methyl of performance became most was hot on the of team, and seats staged hat trick of Valencia in this field Beijing Tianjin war in the and into winning ball, back 19th round he of the plum blossoms BL help Teda beat Luneng, Movement of the company recently chopped three teams, is dominated by Valencia to complete. 9 rounds scored 10 goals, his total number of goals to reach 13 goals this season, behind only the top goalscorers 2nd edu [microblogging] 1 ball. People and away 5-3 defeated Fuli a war, Rafah of performance is enrichment has he near a stage of features--Mousley due to hurt sidelined situation Xia, pulled law that can into ball also can for teammate created opportunities, highs header advantage especially obviously; this war he two times header ferry respectively helps Zhang Chenglin and Nano [micro-Bo] into ball, thereafter also near distance Shi shot into has people and 5th ball, this is Rafah this season of personal 10th grain into ball. Midfielders: Misimovic (and Guizhou), Xu Liang (Shanghai Shenhua [Twitter]), Enyo (Changchun Yatai [Twitter]) irrespective of whether his personal best, regardless of whether the wind and overall foot smoother, Misimovic and right in front of us, very smooth. Missy of this round forward effects in less than 2 minutes to start shooting for men and opens the door to victory, after which he steadily driving up the organization team's offensive role, pass free kick goals leads to Zhang Chenglin, corner pass leads to the Nano into balls, mobile warfare Director Wan houliang assists in Rafah broke; these are all indirectly assists? Missy assists top the list of gold and so more!
This season to the with "into not up" features of Shenhua and Shun days this round this a war, "into not up" factors directly decided has game results--behind Shi of Shenhua really fierce, Shun days also more feel to frames block home scored of problem; more striking of into not up is Xu Liang of "Moon machete", this has is Xu Liang continuous 6th a season free kick scored, is he in in the Su asics onitsuka tiger uk per League in the 16th times free kick directly broke; in into this key twice came from ball zhiqian, Xu Liang has is through assists up di into ball and show has foot. Continuous three years WINS Korea k League best lineup of Enyo, this round end is in Asia Thai must Rob points of key moments Flash put has Starlight, this round he a feet waved sway sprinkled of longshot world wave for Asia Thai lock has won, this a ball greatly a sweep he joined Asia Thai Hou trend not shun of meant; thereafter also has once charges from the hit frames; game in the he in midfielder of interspersed with organization also more excellent to up to has helps pushed Asia Thai of role. Defender: Zhang Chenglin (Guizhou people and), and Lima (Tianjin Teda), and Dewey [micro-Bo] (Shandong Luneng [micro-Bo]), and yunlong [micro-Bo] (Beijing national security [micro-Bo]), and soloist sword [micro-Bo] (Changchun Asia Thai) Gong Lei game Qian said "people and must tight bite national security", implementation to game in the on rendering has people and opening Hou full attack of momentum, left Defender Zhang Chenglin opening not to 2 minutes is to crossing ball leads has Missy of into ball, part 12 minutes he and directly broke; in defense in the, Prominent Zhang Chenglin are actively reducing the decimating of fitness right threat of attack. In Beijing, Tianjin and dialogue, Valencia before the tide was still "hard black" and is surrounded by Lima brings the Defender line, even from the whole performance, Lima has more reason to get the best player award. He repeatedly fill in both sides of the road, Gelon and UTA card [microblogging] intercepts are harvested several times the effectiveness is more rare, in the face of the constant impact of national security, Lima has been navigated his individuals will directly slow down the overall burden of the team played a role. Luneng 1-0 beat Hong Kong on this turn in the road, but still a good front for Luneng home fans controversy, defence core winner reveals the meaning of Dewey, Dewey high ball up the first half Hong Kong, putting pressure on the goal, the second half is waiting for haojunmin [Twitter] passing heading ability. Defensive ends Dewey in control on a high and positive interception also reflect the important role the national security dialog defeat in Beijing and Tianjin, yunlong defence continued to highlight the role of the core, particularly before the tide continued pressure in the first half, yunlong had repeatedly come to the sidewalks fill in response to a test, veteran's sense of pitch and fighting mentality is very unobtrusive. Yunlong highlighting physical fitness when he was young, and this battle he had with Valencia heads-up racing scene, very smart: he's still vibrant! Actually Zhao Mingjian this season in Luneng debut of game in the, its performance on get has fans of General recognized; season midway go Ben Asia Thai Hou, Zhao Mingjian smooth established location, this round Asia Thai in must Rob points of game in the played Kay, Zhao Mingjian in right directly leads has Asia Thai of once into ball offensive, active Qian plug in the he formed had charges from the, defensive in the also made had key intercept. Goalkeeper: Song Zhenyu (Changchun Yatai) home 2-0 IM score looked neat, Yatai's victory was not easy, Albin where many a threatened offensive are grafting Zhenyu song out to defuse dangerous situations. Among them, the Han King [Twitter] around the effects of shooting, front header, and luoshenbake Keita scoring opportunity of the heavy artillery formed the absolute, Song Zhenyu during these defensive performances can be called yifudangguan.
SINA sports news September 22, Guangzhou constant big [micro-Bo] arrived in Japan Tokyo prepared is in 25th began of Asia Crown League semi-final and cypress Sun God of first round game, arrived in Tokyo zhihou immediately for has first fame training class, a comparison good of message is, not only and Lech dimension Asia team plays of main lineup body situation good, zhiqian shoulder wounded of Feng xiaoting [micro-Bo] has began with team training, if recovery smooth, Feng xiaoting even has may will participate in and cypress Sun God of first round game. Heard the night of the victory Park in Doha after news of the Apollo team into the semifinals, evergrande has immediately launched a second programme, overnight to take Charter flights back home. Due to Liaoning Hongyun [Twitter] clubs had agreed that this weekend's Super League would be postponed until October 15, evergrande has also received a rare cushion, equivalent to these periods can concentrate on a single fight. Nevertheless, in Guangzhou after a two-day rest, coach Marcello Lippi has rejected suggestions to make the Sun's decision because Guangzhou Typhoon recently has taken a few days, once the plane cannot take off at that time, the team might have to be traveling to other cities turn to Japan. Thus, on 22nd, teams will depart from Guangzhou to Tokyo, although only 4 hours from Guangzhou to Tokyo, but two jets boss Xu jiayin still arrange their own delivery team. Evergrande's plane than ordinary Air Charter is much more comfortable, cabin not only comfortable seats, and big bed for sleep, it also allows players to get some rest. After Tokyo, local weather cooler, the temperature about 20 degrees. Due to the constant arrive one day, original hotel room, so clubs interim arrangements for the team in the hotel, also by Cypress Apollo Club a training ground. Maybe it's because the unofficial training, training matches each other as evergrande spent a good 45-minute drive from the hotel. However, e asics gel noosa tri 6 uk ergrande will move into original Hotel at noon tomorrow, this training venue will be more close. In the midst of today's training, evergrande players physical condition are relatively good, play play players are ready to accept an assignment. Among the conquering player, defensive General Feng xiaoting also continued with the team in Tokyo, small-Feng also attended the 22nd training. Judging from Feng xiaoting restores, faster than originally planned. Was thought to be the oldest would have to wait until October 2 when home games to come back, but now the shoulder injury that has basically no big problem, just for protection to avoid recurrence of considerations, Lippi has not grouping arrangements for Feng xiaoting to attend the team's rivalry. Due to three days of match time, Feng xiaoting will not rule out a comeback ahead of possible. (Ching Yu)
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