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September 04 [Wed], 2013, 9:52
I have to say, Bell's growth path is filled with too many fantastic colors. From fullback to winger, from obscurity to fame, Biel, 23 official poinsettia, joined the Giants. Recently, Bell's giant posters appeared in New York's Times Square, United States NBC TV station decided to use Bell as their promotion to the Premiership's top spokesman, all of it, like the guy who was popular in the English Premier League, Yes, Bell's growth trajectory, like most of the current Real Madrid top of the--C law. Was said, bell shaped as boast West tour under in the of extreme Po, even than stars master appearance more with verve in Stadium Shang, Bell already upgrade for " nike free 3.0 v4 dam align big St", since he big downtown San Siro Hou, Bell will one not received, chopped killed giants as could unlock Bell, maximum of advantages is on football of purely, he rarely has lace news, years on football not away from not abandoned praise as tide like influx, he also rashness, will victory attributed to team 989 years was born Yu Wales of Bell,, 16 age will entered has Southampton green training camp, That season, happens to be "saints" from the premier down into the Championship in the first season, and so, beginning from the division bell career began on April 17, 2006, Bell represented Southampton first-team at the battle of Britain Champions League, against Millwall, he was at the age of 16 years and 275 days old, became the second youngest in the history of the club came on the player
Bell drift has only just begun, sea is waiting for him to go on a long voyage
Fei Laini 1.94 meters in height up front in the main play lumbar guest appearances elsewhere, because the head well well, he assumed the defensive duties in addition to, a man often jump into each other's restricted area to create chaos. In September 2008, Fei Laini with a price of 15 million pounds from Belgium standard Liege joined Everton, created Everton's record transfer fee. In the win over Everton 6, Belgium national team core Fei Laini toffee together in 177 appearances in all competitions, scoring 33 goals, including Premier 141 appearances, scoring 25 goals. Decommissioned in Scholes, Fletcher suffered injuries later, Manchester United has been the lack of a strong midfield and embarrassed teenager in the current view, such as Anderson, kelaiweili, Carrick is the only one currently struggling, many experts have pointed out that all the teams in the Premier League, Manchester United midfielder is the weakest. But Moyers since becoming United manager made it clear that he hopes Manchester United bought nike free 4.0 v2 dam a new midfielder. Previously, the British media disclose the breach of Fei Laini payment terms is 23.5 million pounds, but on July 31 (that is August 14), but in any case, United have failed to meet their bought Fei Laini. Subsequently, the Manchester United twice buy Fei Laini and Baines offers packaged binaries, a bid at 28 million pounds, a bid of 36 million pounds, but were rejected by Everton. But 27.5 million pounds came to an agreement in the end, Fei Laini and his mentor ' at Old Trafford reunion
Real Madrid revolution originated in a campaign promise before his election in 2000, the then President Lorenzo-Sens still attend her daughter's wedding the other day, all of a sudden a large group of reporters swarming, interview or in the cloud fog of Spain people. "Mr President, opponents claimed that if the campaign is successful you will be buying Luis Figo,, what do you think about this? "On this issue, led the team in two years 2 champion's Cup exploits of the President just smiled. All indications are that, FICO cannot move, let alone join rivals Real Madrid. Events in the next few days the shits, Florentino is not kidding, although Figo in public vehemently denied, but the man named Shimon Peres seems wrist Babel. His vulnerability in the see FICO contract, Portugal qualify the amount of the buyout clause in the contract is not high, with only 10 billion pesetas, this figure looks pretty scary. But only 38 million converted into pounds. Even at this price, it is also a world record at the time, but as long as Real Madrid pay the money, Barca there is no way to prevent Figo's defection. La Liga regulation shows, as long as Real Madrid to Barcelona make enough money in the account, red and blue won't be able to resist the transfer. In this context, business is only two conditions: first, the Figo nodded, the second is Florentino can fill the transfer fee. Figo and Barcelona's contract is not perfect, Portugal people feel insulted when signing up.
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