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September 26 [Thu], 2013, 12:02
SINA sports news Beijing time on September 25, aoshen basketball team owner Li Su on September 18 passed away due to heart attack, at the age of 55, was held September 24 at the Beijing babaoshan funeral. Li Su aoshen team will disband after the death? Players now get notice is that asics onitsuka tiger uk teams will continue to maintain, but still have some of the players were turbulent and uncertain: "he (Li Su), backbone of the team is gone, then go ahead and have a step. "As many players sign aoshen was over 10 years long, so greatly influenced future changes to them. If the aoshen team dissolved, then where is the way out of these players? Leaving the CBA[tweets] after so long, and whether they still have a chance, if we can adapt to the CBA again the game does? Most of the players are still in wait-and-see attitude of the senior team, and Sun Yue, Zhang Song Tao, Li Wei and Huang Haibei [Twitter] relatively lighter, because they joined the men's basketball team in Beijing this summer to play games, they play next season officially joined the Beijing talks are under way in the CBA League, there are a number of media negotiation tension very well, the four men beat CBA next season is a distinct possibility.

In fact, when Tracy McGrady announced in August this year in the NBA retired, did not sever thought back to the CBA. Decommissioned in Tracy McGrady on the show, ESPN host asked whether Tracy McGrady to play China, Tracy McGrady doesn't laugh, side: "HA HA HA, I knew you would ask that question, at present I am unable to give an answer. "At the time, McGrady says Twitter will soon make a decision where to play. One month later, Mattie finally made up her mind, broke the Chinese fans desire. Tracy McGrady after you update Twitter, posting message in English: "do your best, to be a good father, I will be a good husband, you don't need to do it again slam Dunks, or 13 minutes 35 seconds back, all Mac fans will always support you! "Fans can not be reconciled, hope McGrady can return to the CBA," I want to see you play in CBA, because I am your fan and I'll always be waiting for you, come on! "In any case, as one of the greatest players in NBA history, biggest foreign players in CBA history, Tracy McGrady last season's performances, is destined to leave event in a pen for the CBA. Reporter Ma macro

Lawyers looking for basketball and secretly recording Li Su's personality is reflected in everything everywhere. In addition to being widely reported, "one word fire Ma Jian [Twitter]", "20-year contracts with players," such as events, because of his fearless personality, often with the basket of contradictions. "We're in the CBA's few refereeing teams never do. "O God on more than one occasion the media publicity of his own unique, but that does not mean that the team was going to the magistrate's blind eye to the problem. According to people familiar with the Chongqing morning post reporters, Oh God think they ate in the match referee, team staff took a lawy asics gel noosa tri 6 uk er to find the basket tube Center and secretly recorded a conversation tone. Former men's basketball head Li Yuanwei [Twitter] in focal length in his memoirs about Li Su. Li Yuanwei memories, in the League since 2001, up to referee comments and complaints is the aoshen basketball team. "There was a time they appeal, whether won or lost the game, after the game always have to lodge a complaint. "Every complaint lodged a complaint needs to pay 2000 Yuan, but Li Su was unconcerned. "This is adding burden to the competition management, because after each complaint, Center competition Department have rental experts watching the video, screened and given a formal reply, and made the competition Department of the comrades is a headache. "Li Yuanwei said in his memoirs.
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