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October 04 [Fri], 2013, 18:10
SINA sports-3-1, Bayern [Twitter] [Twitter] becoming the first Champions to beat Al Ittihad Stadium Manchester City [Twitter] [Twitter] teams, Bayern are at the level of the game show, seemed to make Manchester City is second with CSKA Moscow teams, this victory let the undefeated diaolaxin season continues. After the game, always unassuming looking for Manchester City to put on a top hat, said Manchester City going through from the group, said his team in terms of defending set pieces still need to be improved. But Robben not Guardiola so humble, he said victory comes a little too easily, but appear to be a lot of fun. Guardiola said: "yesterday I said that Manchester City would qualify now, I still say – they are not only the opening round and also will be a formidable opponent in the playoffs. And Manchester City take on this opposition, I'm honored, but tonight we played better, so we're good enough for a win. As a respected, I would not so much to evaluate their performance, I can only talk about my players, they did very well, as their head coach, is a lucky. Now we have 6 points in hand, the outlet in sight. Guardiola warned his players to strengthen the position of the ball on defense. "Our defense did a bad set pieces that had to be improved. Manchester City have a lot of tall players, we should be prepared for defense. "Guardiola think Boateng that red cards are not a problem," Boateng is the last player, I only hope that this kind of thing doesn't happen again. Another match Harvey-Martinez or base Shikhov can take his place. Robben laments victory scored 1 goals come as a bit of a simple, not a strong challenge he's never seen a foot addict. "Before the game for 80 minutes we play spectacular football, can beat teams like Manchester City made people very happy, but a bit-too-easy victory, I was at Manchester City who are looking forward to more challenges. "We didn't give city too much space, because we've been suppressing them. Them out of trouble, we'll attack, this is both offensive and defensive most of the time. I don't think Manchester City should give us so much space, we're a team that will make use of the space issue. "After 3-0 victory over CSKA Moscow and Bayern won the Champions League two consecutive victories, in the Bundesliga [Twitter], they are 6-1 in the League undefeated. Arjen Robben hope Bayern continue to maintain excellent trends to push two lines. "At this time, we cannot be happy too early, you must hold, after all, the season has only just begun. But back to tonight's victory was too good for him, now, this moment, I just want to enjoy the winning feeling. "In the face of complete failure of Manchester City, the Manchester Evening News:" don't get too frustrated because Bayern Munich is really good. "Robben" Manchester City gave us space to "point of view, the Manchester Evening News also believes Manuel Pellegrini only 4 midfield against Bayern, is simply set out its. "Manuel Pellegrini probably should have recognized the reality of Bayern beat Manchester City, Mourinho in the 2010 Champions League against PEP Guardiola's approach – they cut off in midfield. "The Manchester Evening News also said that Manchester City really is a lesson tonight. "Manchester City tried to control the game, just as they are in the Premier League [tweets] as had been done in the game, but no, they are always busy in the opponent's ball, Bayern showed Manchester City tonight, they need to reach the heights. ”

SINA sports-AJAX scored in the 90th minute, Mario Balotelli in the 94th minute leveled the score, AC Milan [Twitter] in the Champions League took a victory away from home, Balotelli again became the protagonist. Thanks to Mario Balotelli, manufactured thanks to Mario Balotelli penalty, AC Milan avoided a possible catastrophic failure in Amsterdam, could still face high scores. Care methyl League in the was banned tuk-tuk, road face AJAX Shi, Mario almost encounter to has all, is game of absolute leads: regardless of is touch ball, also is was foul, Balotelli will was road of fans Boo; he once because once foul, was too severe of gives has a Zhang yellow card; also once hit has once beams, let AJAX of fans out has a cold sweat; eventually, he manufacturing has a actually not exists of penalty, and to visitors fans made has shut up of gestures. And this time, Mario really held back and had learned, as regards the last part of the "shut up" gesture, if someone watched a 90-minute game, would "forgive" him. Why? Because deboer and his players after the game had been against Mario Balotelli theatrics, but in fact, apart from the penalty, Mario Balotelli on the pitch, many times by violations of the AJAX players, including a number of times, referee Eriksson forget it. And Mario Balotelli Fan Laien fouls, immediately got a penalty. "Why is it always me? "Mario's heart must ask why. AJAX man protested the penalty that doesn't exist? AC Milan also has said, if anyone noticed the 23 minutes of the second half, that handball, occurs within the home team scored, you will find, in fact, it is a proper penalty ... ... After the match, Porto Alegre, couldn't help praising him in the 45th. "Mario was really good. "Ajax for his defense, from man to man, into a double, or even triple double. Most important is, in the face of targeted cheap nike barkley posite max audience fans booed, in the face of referee Eriksson has often put forward by the "stand up" gesture, that some "generosity" yellow card, Mario without losing one's mind of calm, and in a "sly" way and created a penalty. Penalty shootout of his calm, seemed to bode, who has left many Milan fans and prandelli saw more hope Balotelli, back again. Of course, Porto Alegre, he also proposed Balotelli should limit the number of falls, and stop the annoying protest, but AC Milan coach also acknowledged that Balotelli is Balotelli, he's very difficult to make changes completely. And such a change is necessary, 8 game at AC Milan this season, Balotelli has had 6 yellow cards (including two against Naples) this season, only in the match in Turin, Cagliari, Celts and Mario without a yellow card by referee. But Allegri and Milan needs, is Mario's goal, not his yellow card, for next year's World Cup, prandelli and Italy national team as well. Mario Milano, is so important, so can not be replaced, then the next question, on Sunday, AC Milan away to face Juve? Not just Mario Balotelli suspended, Porto Alegre, lost Chaaraoui, even the Birsa, Slovenia pulled adductor of the players, will be sidelined for at least 10 days. This time, Birsa and Chuck's problem is the same, just pulled a Kaka than high levels, Birsa may on October 19, before the Milan-Udinese match back. Next road challenge of Juventus, AJAX and Turin, Bologna, compared to the competition, Allegri must need a lot of luck.

SINA sports-torrent of time, most people can not resist the growth and old, he sweep you towards the future, and take your youth, your passions, your dreams. No one can stop time for your forehead wrinkles up, white attacks your temples, stumbling on your feet. But there is always a man, he stands there, and you believe that time is changing, space is changing, only he, same, seems to never get old. Perhaps this is Ryan Giggs, is the best explanation of his football career. Substitute Fei Laini videos-Ryan Giggs into the Champions League appearance record for the first media appearances from: SINA sports on October 3, 2013, the buzz in the arena, this day, this place will be written into the Champions League and football history. After 66 minutes of the match, Manchester United [Twitter] [Twitter] finished the game for the first time a change of fate is Fei Laini, and appearance of the Ryan Giggs. When that wore the 11th son of the reds when it appears on the field, was destined to bear in mind at this moment in history. It is Giggs 145th appearance on the Champions League, which also created the biggest in Champions League history and personal appearances. Previous record is maintained jointly by Raúl and Ryan Giggs 144 games, and now, Ryan Giggs completely left behind Raul, dominates the first Champions League history. Get rid of Raoul, and Maldini behind Ryan Giggs (140), Harvey (139), Seedorf (131), legendary players, this is enough to show the greatness of Ryan Giggs. It has to be said is, in view of the Ryan Giggs will represent secured a Champions League this season, which means that Ryan Giggs will also constantly refresh the record, he's "enemies" also own Manchester United boss ' after the game talks about Giggs, said: "this is a dream of the game and I told him before the game he would substitute appearances. Create such a record, he is a great player. "Of course, we would like to thank ', for his design the bridge to allow people to witness this historic moment. As this game is concerned, substitute appearance Ryan Giggs no goal, no assists, no difference. In a tactical sense, he is playing a very limited role. Indeed, all people know, the Ryan Giggs to be 40 years of age is no longer the way that no one can stop "herd boy", his wrinkled, white hair and can no longer be opened at full speed legs reminds us, this is already a middle-aged man going into middle age. But when he showed up at the stadium, while he has more than 20 years younger when they compete on the same field, you may from time to time to generate the kind of misconception, chasing Ryan Giggs runs, but never caught up with him. It has to be said is that dropped outside the Champions League appearance record, Giggs has also maintained the Champions League oldest scoring records, game two years ago against Benfica, 37 years of age when writing this record was 289 days old nike kd shoes sale , future generations look so far. Turn over his career, Giggs's Champions League debut dates back to 20 years ago, Manchester United faces jisibaisihanweide game. I'm afraid no one can predict at that time, Ryan Giggs will be left in the history of the Champions League so the event in a pen. In fact, this season, Ryan Giggs Manchester United core lineup has been gradually fades out. He put more energy into the role of assistant coach. He will be on the training ground for future generations first-hand guidance, will roar in Derby in the great war, less than the referee. In any event, almost saw Manchester United the Premier League [Twitter] era living fossils in the history of Giggs, still continued to write his own stories.
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