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October 18 [Fri], 2013, 10:35
Shen Xin in the past, and not too much about offending a disciplinary punishment regulation, at the beginning of Guo Guangqi as Shen Xin, Executive Vice President and Manager, the first thing to do is to complete the team's reward and punishment system, which is code of previous Shen Xin was quoted by the media player. But this time, the players is that this code, have clear regulations impose rigorous and careful, so that every team involved in gang fights, have received reasoned Shen Xin tickets most in team history. On the little things, Shen Xin would like the punishment from start to finish, can change the fur rather than destroy Vlad, Shen Xin long-standing principles of outward silence on punishment. As the reference code of this player, Shen Xin has opened nearly 20 tickets, but never made as in the case of say one more word. Speculate on the usefulness of the code of this player even in the outside world when Shen Xin, as always, adhere to not respond to sentiment. Perhaps, Shen Xin ye Hao, Vlad, and some of these reports are true or truer than down-doing their own thing.

Guozu sworn dafanshenzhang Fu Bo with the Terra-Cotta Warriors of XI ' an inspirational it is learned that Fu Bo after the team returned to Beijing from Indonesia, schlep to Xian, yesterday morning, talking about adidas howard light 2.0 cheap Asian preliminaries in XI ' an, two games, Fu Bo did not shy away from sensitive issues first, he admits, and Indonesia team guozu is not ideal, and we expect to have a certain gap. At the same time, also upcoming at Xian's two home games are critical. He said the team will go all out, put your best mental attitude and competitive State, fans across the country offer great game. At the same time, Fu Bo also urged fans to continue to support guozu, become the 12th man on the team. Guozu is draw by Indonesia, to shout out before the game and win Fu Bo irritates, take breath in XI ' an in home games to prove himself. Yesterday, when it comes to 15th fight again next month in Indonesia, he did not repeat the winning slogan, but he said: "Although guozu defeats situation is not optimistic, but this will be even more inspired by the strength and determination of the team. Since the "6·15" properly after the change, guozu has played 6 games, are constantly summary of lessons should stick to stick to, in any case, the team will go all out every game. "Fu Bo with the Terra-Cotta Warriors of XI ' an inspirational," I'll have countless times in XI ' an, the impression is very good. When I came to terracotta warriors and horses, checked it out, also boosted my confidence in the game. ”

Explore growth of China's football, leaving many detours, pay a terrible price, which often criticized is the Manager of quick success. Chinese soccer need to understand one's own strength and sustaining power, understand that's still a long way to go. Otherwise, between the pengsha and good kill, the sport will still be distorted. Chinese football team drew in Indonesia, bringing in the voice of a crusade against. Acting coach Fu Bo [microblogging] coaching ideas, first command is questioned, attitude and morale of the team was again teases and even reviled. This encounter is not a surprise, or that the people are used to take football "slots", who said it did not live up to it. On the East Asian Cup in July, the Chinese team was the runner-up, is considered to 1:5 in Thailand after the team's sense of courage, "looks good". Fu Bo has become an example of local coaches, unconsciously, seems to be the problem is mainly due to the former coach Camacho unseasoned. The Asian Cup qualifier in a Flash, guozu is "back to its original state." Looking forward to fail, public opinion is a roller coaster screamed down the East Asia Cup is a two-bit tournament. From pengsha to the great killed, the conversion would be too fast. Officers attached to the growth of China's football
Cable, leaving many detours, pay a terrible price, which often criticized is the Manager of quick success. Football is known as "the world's first campaign", steeped in the development of the features of popular culture, there is insufficient participation and time scale accumulation, it is difficult to form a adidas adipure crazyquick for sale rich soil. Today, China's football ills, and Diners, not built in power. In a few months time, up and down are not considered accidents. Whatever pengsha is a great kill, onlookers also get rich quick mentality at work? Soccer is known as the first movement, is that it can become to a certain extent the popular map. There's concerns and expectations is the rise of China's football power, but easily convert pengsha with bats killed, vicious and football development at the expense of all participants. The dismal situation of Chinese football, which is mainly due to management departments in accordance with project development there should be rules. On way of reducing unnecessary administrative intervention is required at the same time, development environment without reason and patience. Such as Beckham [Twitter] international football "celebrity" advice to Chinese soccer is actually very simple: time. Not long ago, the evergrande [Twitter] football club coach Lippi talked about his feelings about Chinese football, "the Chinese love football", but the contrast with this is that "not many people play football." It is also Chinese football must face reality, see our strength and energy, China football still a long road. Otherwise, between the pengsha and bar killed, Chinese football will still be distorted.
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