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November 05 [Tue], 2013, 10:36
On October 27, shuangse Qiu [Twitter] the second part of the 300 million dollar prize, Ren County of xingtai city Jia XING Zhen Cheng Jia Zhuang Cun 13,199,040 one lottery betting station, 8 4 bets betting number, first prize 1, prize of 12 million Yuan. On October 31, the award accompanied by 12 million dollar jackpot winner in the family. Bonus, boys took out two identity cards, a picture of myself, another one is new balance 1500 australia his wife, asked the banker to give his wife a bank card, and save half the bonus in wife's account. A decade ago began betting 12 million dollar winner Choi made a special trip to the County a small selection (last name) is more than 30 years old, from rural area in xingtai city. Sitting room in awarding and swarthy guy nervous, that I have already had a first prize of nearly 300 shuangse Qiu, winner of more than 50 million Yuan has only received after the three, small track tension was writ large is gradually relaxes and shy, he'll occasionally show a smile.

In an interview with reporter was informed that the small selection as early as 2002 began buying lottery tickets [Twitter]. Because towns haven't fucai betting that year, in order to buy the shuangse Qiu lottery, small selection has been made a special trip to dozens of kilometers from the county seat. Betting then country towns, Xiao Zhen Cai eliminates rush dozens of kilometres of hard, shuangse Qiu, 3D, 3, scratch music everything is trying to buy, but each time it was limited to twenty or thirty dollars, one of the largest paid 100 Yuan. Buy Lottery ten years, small validations always enjoy with buy Lottery brings of happy: betting d, had success in the have straight selected, harvest 1000 Yuan bonus; betting shuangse Qiu, has in the four red a blue, got 200 Yuan bonus; tries to fast 3 game, has taste to sweetness; as scraping scraping Le, more has had spent 10 Yuan scraping half of fun: scraping out small award Hou with bonus again for Zhang Lottery then scraping, again winning again scraping, so repeatedly countless times, while to last also no scraping out award to, but small award constantly scraping out, Enjoy the fun of scratch off lottery tickets again and again, already whom he learned that breaths plus 300 million early buy has ten years of colorful history, but selection is not a very big Lottery players: there is time, I'll buy it and don't buy; each machine, never optional. Sometimes Lottery just in the period also to vote under successive eight-decade still don't give up. [

In mid-October, see small selection from the Internet near the commencement of 300 million Yuan shuangse Qiu after a message is sent, but moved hearts: per issue plus prizes of 10 million Yuan, up two dollars to 15 million dollars new balance 1300 australia , even if a first prize of 10, each will receive $ 1 million dollar bonus, why not? And the little entrance started to increase betting density, gesanchawu bets a buy, but dozens of every period. He said that our farmers is hard to earn, fell eight petalled worked so hard to get was a sweat, reluctant to spend. I never smoked, each take three 20 lottery, just as cigarette smoke, can also be accepted. Xiao Zhen told reporters that realise after a 300 million dollar prize heart, not just your own, surrounded by a lot of people are talking about adding Prize prize must be more than a lot, many many people buy shuangse Qiu had become more generous, betting significantly more sales than ever before. Takes into account a 300 million dollar prize will surely attract more lottery, betting may be overcrowded, small selection today decided to avoid the lottery of people betting. On October 24, shuangse Qiu 300 million dollar prize to the first, small track empty-handed. On October 26, he arrived a day early betting ready to buy Lottery shuangse Qiu lottery tickets the next day. Only 8 Yuan to touch his pocket change, will pick 4 bets on numbers.
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