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November 25 [Mon], 2013, 10:44
SINA sports news Beijing time on November 25, the Houston Rockets host yesterday to 112-101 victory over the Minnesota Timberwolves. James Harden injury cases, rocket outside firepower is still good, the audience in the three-point shot 31, total hits over 50%. Dwight Howard-although plucked 13 rebounds and 4 assists 4 blocks, but he only 9 shots, scored 11 points. Such a rocket that he had the style of Orlando that year. Prior to this, the rocket has had 3-pointers this season hit more than 10 times, on November 13 in overtime to 76, rockets hit 15 three-pointers (shot 41 times), which is today a team season record with a break. This outside fired rockets to have such a performance, is not easy nike roshe run women . Before the game, Minnesota opponents only shot 21.4 average threes, limiting opponents Point Percentage for 34.8%, two ranked 11th and 7th place of the League. Timberwolves strategy is inside two senior Kevin Loew [Twitter] and Nicola-Milorad pekovic offensive and to guarantee the rebounds, providing plenty of shooting opportunities for outside players, especially the second shot. The audience, the wolves offensive rebounds lead 18-11 and, in addition, wolves audience also caused the rocket up to 24 turnovers, which received up to 100 times, more than 21 times more rockets shots. Unfortunately, the team of three outside chance bad (Ricky-Lu Biao-9 shooting, Kevin Martin 19 shooting, J.J.-Baria-10 shooting), balance rockets the victory. Come to the competition and efficiency, the rockets had the last laugh, outside fire is particularly important. Match rockets had 6 people shot threes, at least 3 times, Terrence Jones, more shining than Aaron-Brooks, he is like a fierce tiger next mountain 7 shooting. The team didn't hit the threes, in addition to world of Warcraft and umayr-Arsic, a only last as the "human victory cigar" Donatas-motaiyounasi debut and had three points, Francisco Garcia. A group of shooters (including the fourth place), whose axis is the Warcraft lined, m-remembered magic. Back to the subject of rebounding. While world of Warcraft is now 13.7 PPG rebounds, your League rebounding King, but on the offensive boards, Loew and Milorad pekovic this Union, season has so far picked 52 respectively 45 offensive and rebounds, ranking League 3rd and 8th places, monsters (44) ranking than Milorad pekovic. Thus, rockets inside the allowed wolves inside took off 11 offensive rebounds, can be forgiven. Warcraft has recorded 13 rebounds, plus, Terrence Jones and umayr-Arsic, the rockets defensive rebounds to lead 43-26, total number of rebounds was also a surplus of 10. In General, apart from efficiency and number of shots outside the competition, this field is composed of inside and outside competition, in the end, outside won a victory for wolves inside the rocket, and this may not wow would like to see win. Last wow Daihatsu Kamui, to take it super hits season-high 33 points, the rockets were calf reversed, showing Monster "independence Lele" rather than his teammates "more fun". 2008-2009 magic of the season finals, team, Warcraft game field goal attempts ranked IV, he currently rocket third. Because Howard's singles skills are limited, and the Super Center more dependent than ever with teammates work together, as long as the rocket on a winning path, Warcraft would not mind if the field, became the first five Tigers shot at least one person.
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