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November 12 [Tue], 2013, 10:18
The difference between German and Portuguese Super b where the difference is considerable, Germany play a bit like Portuguese, more sophisticated rhythms, face-off, confrontation, lost the ball, nobody cares that you, yourself new balance 1500 australia and then go back. Portuguese Super request technical, Latin style of football, requirements to control the ball at the bottom of his feet. German coach wants you to play fast, from the 1th to the 90th minutes coaches want you to a heightened confrontation situations, does not agree with me, sometimes you can control, coach hope you faster. In addition, the German training and many Portuguese the variance, Portuguese super move the ball more, physical exercise more, rather cold over the winter, after all. Has doubted himself? Doubted myself at that time, doubted even Portuguese Super level, why the Portuguese King will be able to play well, not here. I once was very low, and wanted to return to domestic play, are ready but that time has passed. At that time was that if you go to, now I may not be a rising trend in Europe, and regret. "Paving the way for later"

Soccer: four years in Europe, what city are you most like? Zhang Chengdong: in Portugal for three years are very happy, in Mafra was the most fun for the first year and they play there is no pressure, was playing football, you can play in their own way. Shun when Beira Mar, Leiria is also good, just transition from bench to have best results when injury, first half of the season didn't match. Now look back and think, that in four years what do you miss most? Miss most is the atmosphere, is a soccer culture, soccer has a deeper understanding, improved in every way. I've talked to Gelon, football is not one of the first in China, in South America, in Europe, in particular Portugal this small country, football is everything, where movie stars would never Benfica, Porto, sporting Lisbon, which the Club's star appeal. And the three of us (in Tai Po, Wang gang) in various clubs are popular, after all, made a contribution, left a good reputation, paved the way young people back, but a lot of young players to Portugal to play, like Mafra, Beira Mar, all these clubs were to ask us, if Chinese players use to play.

Hot now abroad, a lot of young players are flocking to abroad, do you have any advice for them? They can walk, have succeeded, I think that the players at the age of 99 best when they can go out and see, don't worry about what you play is what level of game, to learn, to accept. I kick up in the Portuguese and many people believe that low levels of Portuguese, but you look at the young players of the past, not that anyone can kick an absolute workhorse, only one or two able to play on. You are currently in Portugal know that Chinese players? They understand less seen, I still think they're better able to distribute to each club, go into the local life. Based on your personal experience, do you think Chinese players in Liuyang biggest difficulties encountered in the course of what? Culture is the most difficult to get used to, also has its own character, Chinese players
So much in my heart, not to say. Language is also very important when I was just starting to speak English, but a lot of the players are over there don't speak English. Fortunately, at that time I spent four months with Dumbo, he taught me a lot better, then I and his teammates learn, third year when I aweiluo with my teammates, a rent house, we live with every day, so my language is also improving rapidly. new balance 1300 australia Later there is a 91-national youth player of ages past, he is not willing to share, not Portuguese, homesick and encountered a lot of problems. Lei Tenglong [Twitter] is currently in Portugal played a while ago was playing his game, did you exchange with him? Contact us some time ago, his team is stronger because in Portugal is only capable to have a b team. I think ALE requires a process, including the language also needs to be raised as soon as possible. I just went to Portugal when the coach said I could not understand at all, train pass, I didn't even know it was passed on to the blue team was the red team, and don't know who to pass on, slowly get to know coach training purposes. ALE, takes some time, he can do no problem.
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